Exclusive: Arnold Tells Us He'll Be Back in T6 for 2016 Filming!
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 10:13AM
Ryan Gillen in TAFs Staff, exclusive

On Arnold Schwarzenegger's February 22nd trip to Budapest, he not only gave a lecture entitled "Day of Success," he also gave TheArnoldFans a nice Terminator exclusive! At the city's Sports Arena, Schwarzenegger talked about his journey from rural Austria to Mr. Universe, king of Hollywood and finally, governor of California. The Governator concluded with his upgraded "6 Rules of Success" motivational speech. Speakers from different walks of life shared their outstanding successes in the fields of sport and business. When the evening concluded, Didi, Eastern European corespondent of TheArnoldFans, had the opportunity to speak with his idol and obtain a nice Terminator update. No, it's not about Terminator Genisys (T5), we're talking now about T6!

"Yes, of course, next year", Arnold responded to our question on if he'd also be filming Terminator 6! It's already been reported that two more films are planned to follow Genisys but no one really knew if Arnold would play a role in the future sequels. Now we know Arnold will BE BACK!It's uncertain if Arnold's cyborg T-800(s) get terminated at the end of Genisys but even IF it does, they'll always find a good reason or excuse to bring in an all new model. Remember, several were made on the assembly line. Another possibility is fans have always wanted to see Schwarzenegger come back as a human resistance soldier; a badass soldier who's captured and his DNA harvested for growing a youthful replica, who is then scanned and used to model the 1984 Terminator. There's a lot of options here for an Arnold return to T6. The future is not set and it will really come down to the box office of Genisys. But from what we hear on early script reviews and inside sources from people on post production, we may be looking at a top notch Terminator film.

Following Arnold's T5 worldwide tour for premieres and press, he should be ready to jump right into The Legend of Conan this fall.  I know, people can argue that Genisys is not T5 but rather a reboot (another T1), however, considering Genisys is sticking to the original plots and characters of the originals, many consider it T5 (as do we). Reboot or not, we say it's T5 so we're calling the future films T6 and T7 for now!

Arnold's future looks bright. His zombie film, MAGGIE, comes out in a few months followed by his return as the Terminator, then Conan and back to T6. Zombies, Terminators and bitter and brutal Barbarian kings, it doesn't get any better than this? Now if we can ever get him to do another Predator...

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