Happy New Year: 2018’s Blockbusters to Erase 2017’s Lackluster Year!
Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 03:20PM
Ryan Gillen in TAFs Staff, new years
To be honest, the year 2017 was a tad uneventful and a bit sad compared to previous years. We were approached with great potential film projects, a new TV series, Schwarzenegger turning 70 and yet, something was off. It should have been a wild, eventful year but Celebrity Apprentice suffered from low viewership, T2 in 3D came and went and didn’t even get a release in China, T2:3D at Universal Orlando was shut down, there was no news of King Conan, the Arnold watch line was scrapped, there was no news of that new and improved Schwarzenegger line of supplements, Killing Gunther had only twenty minutes of our favorite action hero, USA theater chains did nothing to honor the 25th Anniversary or Predator and our own  20-year-anniversary (1997-2017) here at TheArnoldFans was also unfortunately overlooked. 

On the other hand, Arnold did film some movies in 2017 so they will be out in early 2018! That’s right, we still have yet to see the releases of "Journey to China" with Arnold fighting Jackie Chan and “Wonders of the Deep” narrated by Schwarzenegger! On our televisons, we'll see Arnold joining in on "James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction," a 6 hour series on AMC. Also in 2018, Arnold will start to film Terminator 6 in late March and he’ll possibly start "Twins 2: Triplets" by September.

Schwarzenegger continues to stay in amazing physical shape at age 70 by pumping up daily so he’ll be a fit and fantastic Terminator when the cameras roll. We’re very excited for him to reprise the role of the Terminator and to have Jim Cameron on board as Producer but the majority of worldwide fans are still most excited for King Conan. Will our prayers ever be heard? Will 2018 be the year when we get the official announcement?
2017 may have been a lackluster year in comparison to Arnold’s other successful year’s but it’s always good to see this action hero icon in the gym and pumping up towards a better tomorrow. As of right now, Terminator 6 is the big news for 2018 but knowing Arnold, he probably has some additional big surprises in store for us. Happy New year to Arnold, his loved ones and to all the fantastic fans across the globe. Keep pumping, Arnold!


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