Arnold BACK in the DC Universe as Zeus or Darkseid? 
Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 10:54PM
Ryan Gillen in TAFs Staff, rumors
We don’t think it’s coincidence that both Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman director) and Geoff Johns (president and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics) both just followed Schwarzenegger on Twitter. This is most likely a very strong indication that Arnold Schwarzenegger has just signed on for a role in a big DC film!  DC does not follow too many actors on Twitter but when they do, it is often a hint of someone who they have cast in an upcoming blockbuster film. Arnold’s Sabotage co-star Joe Manganiello was followed by DC on Twitter leading fans to believe he’d get the Deathstroke role in Batman, which turned out to be true! 

Being how Wonder Woman’s director is following the pumped up action hero, we’re guessing Schwarzenegger will play either Zeus in this film or a character to be revealed at the end credits that will lead into a sequel. In the latter case, there are internet rumors going around that Arnold might voice the CG character Darkseid! I know what a few of you are thinking: bad puns from Arnold in a campy performance. But let us not forget it was not Arnold’s fault for 1997’s horrific Batman and Robin film but rather 100% of the blame goes to the director. DC takes their films very serious these days so this will be great for Arnold as he’d getting into more serious drams. 

Will Arnold play Darkseid, a mysterious new character or Zeus? It may make sense for Arnold to be Zeus. After all, he has experience coming from Mount Olympus!

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