What’s happening So Far in 2018: EX4 & T6!
Friday, January 12, 2018 at 08:29AM
Ryan Gillen

It’s only been a little over a week into the new year and already we have good movie news for Schwarzenegger fans. Arnold’s good friend Sylvester Stallone just announced on his Instagram page that Expendables 4 is moving forward. While he didn’t say those exact words, he did show an Expendables photo with his words “Some things just can’t be stopped! Coming your way!”

Sly’s “can’t be stopped” message refers to the earlier disagreement he had with Expendables producer Avi Lerner, who couldn’t agree on Stallone’s EX4 vision and budget. However, we noticed that Sly, Arnold and Avi were recently very chummy at Stallone’s 2017 Christmas party. So Sly and Avi, who were earlier not speaking over their EX4 dispute, had obviously made up. Look for the official press release from Lionsgate to be released any day now with a 2019 release.

In other movie news, Tim Miller’s Terminator 6 is still scheduled for a late March start date and we can see Schwarzenegger already growing out his hair a bit higher and hitting the gym very hard.

Speaking of T6, TheArnoldFans spoke with some Terminator Genisys alumni who would love to return again - including T5 “young Arnold” CG-stand-in, Brett Azar and one of our favorite Terminator composers, Lorne Balfe. "I would love to work On The franchise again for sure," Balfe begins. "The Terminator story is amazing.”  We wish these great talents a hopeful return to the franchise!

After T6 wraps production, Arnold is expected to then move on to Expendables 4 and Twins 2. And what of Conan, you ask? Well, all we can do is keep threating Crom to hell if he doesn’t listen. Schwarzenegger movies to still be released this year are “Journey to China” with Jackie Chan and “Wonders of the Sea” which Schwarzenegger narrates the underwater ocean documentary.

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