It’s Time to Start Running in your Officially Licensed Running Man Attire!
Monday, October 15, 2018 at 11:16AM
Ryan Gillen in TAFs Staff, collectibles, for sale, promotions

We did it! With the big help of all of you TheArnoldFans contributors, you have all successfully helped 80sTees pass their crowd funding goals so now we will be getting officially licensed The Running Man attire! Pre-order these products now from 80sTees and you'll save roughly $25.00 off the Running Man pants or the Hoodie for a limited time!

Ben Richards is one mean mother, and now you can dress just like the Running Man contestant with this exclusive Running Man costume hoodie. This performance zip-up hoodie is designed to look like the top half of the uniform worn by Ben Richards in the 1987 classic The Running Man. Get the Running Man Costume Pants to complete your Ben Richards costume!

It’s true the items are expensive but they are made with love.

"We have them made on demand in small batches,” 80s Tees tells those in question of their prices. "We spent hours designing them. We are paying to advertise them. We have overhead costs. Our employees have health care 100% paid for. For the love and care we’ve put into making this possible it’s priced just right!"

Click HERE to pre-order them now and they will be produced and shipped in time for Christmas!
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