Arnold Launches "Ladder," a New Fitness & Supplement Company!
Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 11:18AM
Ryan Gillen in The Gillinator, fitness

A couple months ago, Arnold exclusively gave us a hint that he was working on a new fitness and wellness platform. Now we know what that was: Arnold has collaborated with basketball star LeBron James, supermodel Cindy Crawford, and olympic skier Linsdey Vonn in creating a company called Ladder. We've seen the slogans on some of Arnold's social media recently: "There's no magic pill" and "Life is a workout." So what is this myterious Ladder? First, it offers a subscription to a new line of health supplements that have been formulated to be "better and safer" products. As the founders' letter on the website says: 

After ending a brief partnership with a supplement company, Arnold wanted to build his own products using what he had learned from that experience. There was a need for high-quality, well-sourced ingredients, delivered with full transparency.



They also wanted it to appeal not only to professional athletes, but everyday people as well, so they've made a system that customizes to your goals and activity. The website includes a short questionaire, and from your responses, it recommends the supplements and monthly amounts that should work for you. The products include both whey and plant-based protein, an energy supplement, and a greens supplement, all in individual packets ready to mix with water or milk. 

It was important to all the founders to take a holistic approach, so people understand that supplements alone won't make you buff or lose weight (hence the "There is no magic pill" slogan). So in addition to the supplements, people who order will receive "accountability emails" to help them stay motivated, and the "No Magic Pill" part of the website (which is free to anyone) will have regular articles by experts based around fitness, nutrition, and health topics. The ones there right now have some interesting tips on coffee and sugar consumption, losing weight, gaining muscle, and some delicious looking healthy recipes.

Arnold was tight-lipped about this before it was ready, but now he's in full promotion mode on Twitter, Facebook, and in interviews like this one in Men's Health. He has even been working the phones at Ladder, surprising people by personally verifying their orders!


If you ordered a @weareladder box, make sure to pick up your phone. The customer service guy has a really funny accent.

— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) November 28, 2018


So head on over to for all the details. There's great reading, like Arnold's bio page which includes a mini Q&A as well, complete with Franco anecdote! Then take the quiz and give the supplements a try- there's even a promo code for $20 off "WELCOME20". 


I’m pumped up to finally share a project we’ve been working on for more than two years: @weareladder. Thank you to my partners, @CindyCrawford, @lindseyvonn, and @KingJames, and the whole team. Check it out: #lifeisaworkout

— Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) November 27, 2018


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