An Outpouring of Love for Arnold After His Open Heart Surgery!
Friday, March 30, 2018 at 10:21PM
Ryan Gillen in TAFs Staff, news, social
Earlier this morning, we all learned Arnold Schwarzenegger had gone emergency open heart surgery! It was very alarming at first hear the news with practically little to no details. We were all biting our fingernails in the suspense to hear of Arnold’s condition but thankfully someone in Arnold’s camp called us to assure the fans that "Arnold is recovering and is doing great.”

Arnold's first words after waking up were “I’m back,” his representative Daniel Ketchell tweeted, adding that the actor “is in good spirits.

SO what happened exactly? We’ll leave the details to Ketchell, Arnold’s spokesman.

We’ve never seen such an outpouring of love to Arnold on social media so we really want to thank the fans and let you all know how much we appreciate your encouraging words. Arnold has certainly had his share of hospital visits but no matter how many times he goes in, he always comes out new an improved. Don't worry, You can NEVER keep a good man down! To Schwarzenegger (a Terminator), it's barely a flesh wound! That which does not kill us, makes us stronger! 

Arnold’s time for healing, which could naturally take several months, will be very likely to push Terminator 6’s June start date back (possibly October after he can do some filming on "Kung Fury" first in September). We’re thinking five months for Arnold to recover and to be back stronger than ever is very doable! Arnold’s will power is stronger than anyone’s I know…and If I know Arnold, he’ll be back riding his bike and doing cardio faster than you can say “Numero Uno”! Keep pumping, Arnold!
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