Official Terminator 6 Behind the Scenes Footage!
Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 07:10PM
Ryan Gillen in Terminator 2019, The Gillinator

Thanks to a YouTube post from the Hungarian National Film Fund, we have our first real good look at the new Terminator film shoot! In it, we see the main cast including Arnold, Linda Hamilton, Natalia Reyes, and Mackenzie Davis, Director Tim Miller, and legendary Producer Andrew Vajna, who is from Budapest and sadly passed away just a few days ago. They talk about how great it was filming in Hungary, with their advanced studio and the people there. Arnold mentions how he filmed there back in the 80s (it's where parts of Red Heat were done). Now, if you don't want to know anything detailed about the new Terminator including some potentially big character implications, consider this your SPOILER WARNING and stop here.



The coolest part for us is seeing some of the studio sets and scenes being shot. Among the quick glances we get are: big panels of lights and dials, large military vehicles, a grey, industrial-looking set with giant bluescreen walls. There's some wild-haired, bearded guy who could be actor Tristán Ulloa. Then what's perhaps the most curious scene is a set up outside a cabin with trees, chairs, and a grill, and a very casual-looking Arnold sitting with a dog, talking with Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton. When does this scene take place in the movie? It certainly has some interesting implications, given Arnold's look. Is this a human character, or just the T-800 that's gone into woodsman infiltrator mode? Another clue is that he's being very friendly with the dog, who doesn't seem to mind being near. Or maybe we're reading too much into these very brief shots that are not during actual filming. Either way, we KNOW that Arnold is playing a T-800 for sure as he's made that clear in past statements and tweets (and pic w/ metal endo damage). Take a look and tell us what you think!



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