The 2019 International Sports Hall of Fame Award Ceremony!
Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 01:08PM
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The 2019 International Sports Hall of Fame event at the Arnold Sports Festival this year was fantastic and we were lucky enough to be invited to this high-profile event. The Hall of Fame ceremony was brought up by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wanted to recognize those in the athletic community giving back to others.

Jim Lorimer took the time to recognize Dr. Bob Goldman, who is a mainstay at the Arnold event each year. He holds over 20 strength records, 10 listings in the Guinness Book of Worlds Records, a six degree black-belt, and is in many martial arts halls of fame. This is just the cusp of his accomplishments.

"The reason we founded the International Sports Hall of Fame is to honor not only great legendary icons in sport, but also those that give back to society," Dr. Bob proclaimed.

No one is considered for one of these prestigious awards without paying it forward with charity efforts and mentoring others - especially youth. Better yet, everyone in this year's class of inductees has history with giving service to America with military service.

This event, which ranks number one for hall of fame events annually, was special for another reason. Present and past inductees were presented for the first time with special, custom jackets as a thank you for their contributions to athletics and the greater good. This includes gold lapel pins, metals, gold cuff links, and medallions for their desks.

The first inductee was Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez - a five time World Kicking Boxing Champion. "Look at all these beautiful warriors under this roof! I'm really feeling blessed," Benny said of the honor.

Next was Tim Kennedy - MMA Champion and Decorated Military Veteran. His induction was highly emotional, with his young son adorning the metal on his father. "At this point, I got a lot more to do," the humble Tim said, looking back on his contributions and work.

Following Tim was David Goggins - an Ultra Endurance Champion & Navy Seal. "I'm extremely shocked," David said at the podium. He also noted what an Arnold fan he was - noting Arnold's courage and his approach to things in life. as well as his films, being an inspiration.

Michael Buffer
, who you may remember from his "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" famous sports announcing, was next. He noted how proud he was to be there with fellow inductees, and amused everyone with his Conan impression - even though he says Kindergarten Cop is his favorite Arnold film.

Last but not least was Rocky Bleier - a four time Superbowl NFL Champion. "What amazing stories," Rocky said of his fellow inductees. "To be able to be part of this group of what these gentleman have accomplished in their lives - it's amazing, what they've gone through."

The ceremony was closed out by Arnold himself. He poked some fun at longtime friend Dr Bob while also thanking him, and the inductees, for leading by example. "This is what the Arnold Sports Festival is all about," Arnold says. "To bring people together - the greatest of the greatest, heroes, sports heroes - they inspire the rest of the world."

Be sure the get inspired by watching the entire ceremony! Do it now - come on! Come on!


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