Exclusive: Dark Fate’s CG Effects & Practical Effects by the Best!
Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 05:15AM
Ryan Gillen in Randy Jennings, T6
We have some more good news to share about Terminator: Dark Fate that involves the return of an original cast member! John Rosengrant, who worked close with Stan Winston on the mind-blowing practical effects of the original Terminator films, is BACK and he and his team at Legacy Effects have been working their magic on Terminator: Dark Fate! While Legacy Effects isn’t allowed to discuss yet which practical effects, props and robots they had created for the new Terminator film, John Rosengrant did confirm to TheArnoldFans that he and his team at Legacy Effects had indeed worked on the film.

We know that Dark Fate’s practical effects will be in good hands thanks to award-winning team of Legacy Effects but how about those CG shots that we’ve seen so far from the first teaser trailer? Pretty weak on the morphing Rev-9, right? But fear not, the film studio has been known to show unfinished CG in their early footage only to be heavily improved upon later when its time for the actual film release. I recall a really bad CG shot of the endoskeleton eye coming through Arnold’s face in an early promo shot (image below) for Terminator Genisys that everyone, including myself, cringed over but when the film came out, the eye was perfected. So don’t be too alarmed yet about any early work we’re seeing now. I trust the crew and the studio to come through over the many months from now until the movie’s release. 

On another note, it’s shameful that any website try to ruin all the surprises of the film by talking about any potential spoilers, script reviews, rumors or theories. One particular Terminator fan site is trying VERY hard to spoil every nuance of the film. Why would “fans” for this franchise want to spoil any bit of the script or leak information in an attempt to get a few likes or to gain a few more followers? If you’re a true Terminator fan, PLEASE Don’t spoil anything. If you’re reporting info not approved by the studio or approved by cast and crew, then you become a trashy tabloid. Let’s all leave the surprises for the actual film and believe in the work of Tim Miller and James Cameron.
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