Terminator: Dark Fate Comic Con Footage Breakdown, Dialogue & Sunglasses!
Friday, July 26, 2019 at 10:13AM
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I can’t believe it’s already been a week since Terminator day at San Diego Comic Con! The cast panel was truly an epic experience but I’m told only the new short featurette has made it online and that the full action sequence (complete with some iconic Brad Fidel themes) that they showed in Hall H has not yet been seen. So let me describe a few cool scenes and mention some actual quotes from that new footage. Some of this that I’m about to mention has spoilers but considering the studio showed it already to 6,000 fans in San Diego, I’d think I’d be allowed to share some of these details with YOU Arnold fans as well.

After the non-stop adrenaline rush of the full action chase sequence, a runtime of 3 minutes and 5 seconds (yes, I actually timed it) , several new clips were shown including a couple additional shots of the future. We saw a close-up of Mackenzie Davis as Grace in her future soldier fatigues, a glorious image of new Terminators with eerie Dr. Octopus-looking tentacles behind their backs (my favorite shot) and a new close-up of a more normal silver Endoskeleton. So between the Rev-9 model and two other model endoskeletons, we may get a very good variety of the future killing machines.

Sarah Connor introducing herself to Dani and Grace:
"My name is Sarah Connor. August 29th, 1997 was supposed to be Judgment Day. My son and I stopped that; We changed the future. We saved 3 billion lives...You’re welcome. I hunt Terminators…enough of a resume for you?”

Grace to Sarah:
"Why do you care what happens to her?"

"Because I was her…and it sucks. When I was about her age, a Terminator was sent to kill me."

We also got a shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger holding up sunglasses to his face about to wear them. It almost looked like the T-800 was hesitant to put them on.  It was a tease to the Terminator wearing shades but we know he does eventually wear them in this film bases on the upcoming toy reveals by Funko and Neca showing Arnold in his glasses.


T-800 to Sarah: “I’m going to help you and protect the girl."

There were a few shots inside of a military cargo plane showing Arnold and Linda side-by-side but Linda still not wanting the Terminator to be near her. She hates the Terminator!

Sarah: "When this is over, I am going to kill you.”

T-800: "I understand."

After the plane crashes, Arnold and the Rev-9 make an impact and are battling underwater. A Humvee also crashes into the water below. I forget if this was a river of if it was a raging water canal. But Sarah Connor and Dani are inside the Humvee and the Rev-9 is furiously trying to stab them. The Humvee goes for a wild ride in the raging rapids and at one point heads towards a big drop. 

Grace to Dani: "If you don’t make it, everybody dies!”

There’s something else that’s cool that happens at the cabin where Sarah sees the Terminator but I won’t spoil that one. There is a part here however that got a good crowd reaction when The Terminator is referred to as Carl. Carl is the perfect plain name to be an infiltrator. Like “Uncle Bob” was said twice in T2, I doubt they’ll call him Carl more than 2 or 3 times in this film as well. I know for sure that Sarah Connor won’t call him that.

Sarah to the T-800: “I’m never gonna fuckin’ call you Carl.”
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