Happy 72nd Birthday, Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Monday, July 29, 2019 at 11:27PM
Ryan Gillen in T6, TAFs Staff, birthday

July 30, 1947: a baby boy is born in Graz, Austria. He'd grow up in a tiny village, but quickly develop big dreams, and over his life, systematically set goals and achieved those dreams again and again. Bodybuilder... movie star... husband... father... governator... environmentalist... our hero has achieved so much, yet still manages to keep a breakneck pace and stay hungry for more. So much of what he does is not about himself, but giving his money and time to help others, and even give kind and encouraging words to those who need it on Facebook or Reddit. Arnold is awesome at any age, and we love him for it!

As Arnold celebrates this big day with friends, family, and his pony Whiskey, fans are getting more excited than ever about Terminator: Dark Fate. Following the news at Comic-Con that Eddie Furlong was returning in the new movie, there was some chatter that he wouldn't really have much of a part in it, or would be voice-work only. Well, it seems there may be more to it than that, because Eddie had to cancel his appearance at Bell County Comic Con due to more T:DF filming, according to his friend Bam Margera, who posted a video message on Instagram about it. Fan reaction on Reddit has been pretty positive to this, as it does not seem like a phony studio leak to appease fans, but a genuine (if somewhat crappy quality) post from one of Eddie's friends. Here's some of the reaction:

If I didn’t just completely spell it all out: I’m a cautiously optimistic type of person, lol. But I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I didn’t find Bams update to be very encouraging 🤞

This shows why people shouldn't be spewing negative comments about the movie or cameron yet. We don't know what's going to happen, or even what has already happened.

This makes me hopeful. If Edward Furlong’s likeness was all that was planned to be used from the beginning, I don’t believe they would be calling him in last minute for filming. If he had planned to go in from the beginning during August he wouldn’t have agreed to go to this comic con that directly conflicted with it, right? Something is fishy here and I’m loving it. Hate to get my hopes up, but oh well.

The news also jetted Edward Furlong up 855 spots into the top 25 hottest actors on IMDB, which means he is now given top billing in the IMDB listing for T:DF. I think it's safe to say the fans are pumped to see the OG John Connor in the flesh again back with the T-800 and Sarah. 

Arnold also had a nice reunion with True Lies costar Jamie Lee Curtis, as we see from her Instagram post. This gives us hope that maybe the two of them will be involved in a new True Lies TV series! Yet we are STILL waiting on a True Lies blu-ray on its 25th anniversary! Come on, James Cameron!


Happy Birthday, Gov. Schwarzenegger, and happy Terminator anticipation for all of us! Pour some schnapps (popping the cork off with your teeth of course) and fire up T1 and T2 for some good times tonight! Share your birthday wishes and Arnold party pics on our Facebook and Twitter!

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