Exclusive: Arnold Shares His Favorite Terminator Memories + New Dark Fate Trailer!
Friday, August 30, 2019 at 08:39AM
Ryan Gillen in Randy Jennings, Terminator, Terminator Dark Fate
Today was a hell of a hot day in the Terminator universe as we all celebrated the special event of August 29th, Judgment Day! Our own social media pages were on fire, especially after the film studios and Gabriel Luna helped us spread #JudgmentDay awareness with retweets for our love of the film franchise. When I asked the fans (through Reddit) what their favorite scene or memory of the first two films was, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself even responded to my question.

"I'll do one (a favorite memory) from both movies,” Schwarzenegger tells TheArnoldFans. "On T1, we filmed the opening scene in Griffith Park. I had to spend most of it naked. They didn't have the technology, or the budget even if the technology existed, to get rid of briefs with effects. And let me tell you, it was a cold night. Jim was having the best time torturing me, and I remember him saying before we started, "I hope you're not worried about any shortcomings..." I told him I had nothing to hide. But I was so thankful when we got to the punks because we were finally shooting from the waist up.”

Arnold then gave TheArnoldFans a funny story on working with a journalist’s cameo on Terminator 2.

"On T2,” Arnold begins, "I think in the hallway scene, Jim had a journalist, a really good writer, who wanted to see what it was like to be in a fight between two Terminators. And Jim really wanted him to get the full experience. So this poor guy is getting shot and thrown around and having fake blood dumped on him. And on top of it all, Jim was being full Jim, yelling at him, "I hope you're a better writer than you are an actor!" He was a really nice guy, and he came to us and said "I hope he isn't mad at me." I told him not to worry, by the end of the day we would all be fine."

All of the lead actors of Terminator: Dark fate, along with Cameron and Tim Miller, made August 29th special with their earliest Terminator recollections.  
"I’m so grateful for the support from @Terminator fans over all these years,” Cameron tweeted. "Working with Linda and Arnold brings back so many fond memories. Thank you to everyone for sharing your memories today using #JudgmentDay. I can’t wait for you to see #TerminatorDarkFate.”

Thank you to all the fans who helped make the #JudgmentDay Terminator Day such a success on social media. While we all celebrated August 29th, It was Arnold who gave us the first clue that we would get the second Terminator trailer on August 30th. Then again, even the tagline of the Dark Fate movie poster gave us a hint as it clearly has the focus of “The Day After Judgment Day.”  Considering Dark Fate does follow the events of Judgment Day, the studio made the right call to have the trailer drop on August 30th. Watch the all new kick-ass trailer and let us know your favorite part! 


US Domestic Trailer 2

The International RedBand Trailer

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