The ARNOLD FANS awards best Arnold Halloween costume!

An Austrian-sized thumbs-up goes out to all you Arnold fans who got in the Halloween spirit to dress as your favorite Schwarzenegger movie-related character.

Congratulations to all the award winners! Thanks to all our other contestants featured on this page below! Halloween is back and so are we with our big annual costume contest! Want a cool prize like many of these fans have one? Every year awards the person wearing the best Arnold-related Halloween costume! As always we give out a special Arnold prize packages to the fans who have the best costume to share with us, either as an Arnold character or even just a character related to one of his movies (such as the Devil, an Endoskeleton or a Predator).

Now we know all you Arnold fans will want to get in the Halloween spirit and dress as your favorite Schwarzenegger movie-related character. Sure you can be the everyday Terminator or Predator, but try to surprise us and get real creative this time. What about something unique like Quato, Turboman, or Thulsa Doom.