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Exclusive: Conan Script is Ready & Arnold Reteams with Barbarian Cast in The Legend of Conan!

While it is an exciting time for Arnold fans with Terminator Genisys on the rise, let’s not forget that Schwarzenegger’s next film project is “what is best in life”! As if we weren’t already pumped enough for The Legend of Conan, we have new word from Chris Morgan and Fredrik Malmberg, the film's producers, telling us the greatest Schwarzenegger cinematic experience is yet to come!

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Terminator Genisys Takes Over Cannes Festival!

Promotion for the Terminator Genisys is kicking into high gear as we're just a few weeks away from the premiere. We've seen new character posters, a teaser for the tie-in game, a "Terminator Experience" heading to malls and festivals to let you become the T-1000, and most recently, a new TV spot with a little new footage.

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Exclusive: MAGGIE Director Henry Hobson Talks About Deleted Scenes and More!

Have you seen MAGGIE yet? It is essential viewing for fans, as it marks Arnold's first foray into straight drama, and we at TAFs along with most reviewers believe his performance is terrific and spot-on. Our full review is coming soon, but first, here are some answers we got while chatting with MAGGIE director Henry Hobson!

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Exclusive: Dolph Lundgren on Skin Trade and The Expendables TV Series!

May 8th wasn't just the fantastic date of an all new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie (Maggie), it was also the release date for Skin Trade, Dolph Lundgren's latest action film! What are the odds that two Expendables co-stars would have movies on the same date? Well, I guess the odds are high considering there are so many cool Expendables stars still kickin' ass. TheArnoldFans interviewed Dolph on the red carpet and at a press junket for Skin Trade so in addition to hearing a bit on his new movie, we naturally had to talk about the future of the Expendables (movies and TV).

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Exclusive: Terminator 5 Last Minute Reshoots + Comedians on Zombies!

Not long ago, we gave you comments from the cast of The Walking Dead about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s zombie drama, Maggie. Now we have a few comedic celebrities telling us about zombies. Last week Arnold and director Henry Hobson were on SirusXM radio talking to comedian Jim Norton about Maggie. After the show (perhaps in the greenroom), Jim Norton tells TheArnoldFans

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Exclusive Interview with The Flowers, Arnold’s MAGGIE costars!

When we normally think of a zombie film, we think of decay, rot and gloom; so who knew there would be so many cheerful Flowers in MAGGIE? Actually, these are Arnold’s costars: Aiden and Carsen Flowers, who play Schwarzenegger’s youngest children in the zombie drama. You’ll see these talented kids soon enough when Maggie comes out on May 8th.

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NEW POSTERS: Kneel Before Greatness, Secrets to Success & Police School!

We’ve got NEW Arnold posters, everyone! Many of our past Schwarzenegger edition posters have already sold out so if you desire any of these all new posters, get them soon because very few were produced! Only 20 of each new limited edition poster is fore sale! The 3 new posters are Kneel Before Greatness (a top ten fan favorite voted by, John Kimble’s Police School

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Alex Mihelick, Winner of the Arnold TANK RIDE, gives us the Exclusive!

Thousands entered the contest and over a MILLION dollars was raised for the After-School All-Stars but only ONE could be declared the winner. Alex Mihelick, champion of last year's Omaze TANK RIDE, shared his incredible story with TheArnoldFans so we could let YOU in on his awesome experience. Hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger for an entire day while talking movies, smoking stogies, eating meals together, riding around in a tank

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Superhero Exclusive: Dawson, Guevara, Stan Lee & Robert Downey Jr!

Everyone loves a hero; Arnold is ours and we hope he takes on more superhero or super villain movie roles. I suppose we can consider his Terminator character a superhero since it does have super-strength and it is often a protector. Today is National Superhero Day, and we have some interviews here with some past and present film and television stars who are no strangers to box office muscle.

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TheArnoldFans Reviews MAGGIE + Exclusive Schwarzenegger Interview!

While Maggie had a mere 7-8 million dollar estimated budget, it didn’t stop Arnold Schwarzenegger’s zombie art film from generating a media and fan-frenzied red carpet premiere. On Wednesday, April 22nd, TheArnoldFans attended Tribeca Film Festival's New York Maggie premiere. Paul Roberts, our East Coast reporter, was given our press pass to watc the premiere

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