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Kuato's a Mutant with a lot on His Mind! We Talk with Marshall Bell!

It was so great talking with Bennett that we decided to follow up with another great Arnold co-star who has been both a friend and foe for Arnold: the unforgettable Marshall Bell, who played Webster in Twins and George/Kuato in Total Recall. Marshall has been one of my favorite "that guy" actors for a while-- whenever he shows up in a movie, you know he's going to steal the scene.

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Terminator Genisys T-800 Schwarzenegger Guardian Review!

Shipping NOW from Sideshow Collectibles, this all new 1/6th scale T-800 Schwarzenegger Guardian action figure will be a fantastic addition to your Arnold and Terminator collection!

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New Arnold Collectibles: Predator, T2 & Genisys!

There’s many new Arnold collectibles now hitting the shelves and also available for online purchase! First up, there’s a set of new Predator “Phunny” characters by KidRobot! Earlier they released a Terminator Genisys plush Phunny but now they have three new ones for Arnold collectors including Dutch and two different predator aliens.

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We Let Off Some Steam with Vernon Wells!

We love seeking out the most memorable Arnold co-stars and chatting with them about their experience in their iconic roles with Arnold, as well as finding out what projects they’re currently up to. Such an opportunity just happened with Vernon Wells-- that’s right, Matrix’s arch-rival Bennett from Commando!

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Schwarzenegger’s Next Film: "Why We’re Killing Gunther”! 

While many fans were expecting or hoping The Legend of Conan would be Arnold’s next film, in a surprise move, everyone’s favorite action hero has decided to get back into comedy! Schwarzenegger had major success with Twins, Kindergarten Cop and even had critical praise for his performance in Junior. It’s amazing to think that Arnold, who is

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Win the New Muscle & Fitness + Enter the #ArnoldPose Contest!

In celebration of TheArnoldFans Facebook page reaching 1 million LIKES, our friends at Muscle & Fitness magazine are giving our readers the opportunity to WIN the all new issue with Schwarzenegger on the front cover! We have 7 issues to award to lucky Arnold fans!

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Exclusive: Arnold Wants to Do Another Predator + K&P Praise “Schwartzenburgers”!

During a live workout on Schwarzenegger’s Facebook page, Arnold not only gave away work-out tips, introduced us to Gold’s Gym regulars and promoted a fantastic shirt (details at the bottom of this story), he also spoke about the possibility of reprising his role as Major Alan Dutch Schaefer in a new Predator film!

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I’ll Be "Bloks": Terminator Genisys Kubros Figure!

It’s nice to see Terminator Genisys merchandise continue on, proving fans are still out there for the franchise and there continues to be demand for T5 collectibles. In a few days we’ll tell you about some all NEW Genisys merchandise nearly ready to be unveiled, but for now, we can tell you about this new Kubros block figure.

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Arnold Guardian Ships This Month + Pre-Order the Endoskeleton!

The time is NOW to order a couple of great new Terminator Genisys products! Sold through Sideshow Collectibles, these great 1/6th scale Hot Toys action figures will be a fantastic addition to your Schwarzenegger and Terminator collection! The T-800 Guardian Schwarzenegger figure is just about ready to ship

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Exclusive: The Latest on CONAN: Film & Collectible!

Our friends at Chronicle Collectibles, who earlier revealed their officially-licensed Terminator Genisys products, are BACK to give TheArnoldFans an exclusive first look at the all new Arnold Schwarzenegger King Conan collectible! This massive 1:4 scale King Conan stands 18” tall, 14" deep and 15” wide!

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