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I’ll Be "Bloks": Terminator Genisys Kubros Figure!

It’s nice to see Terminator Genisys merchandise continue on, proving fans are still out there for the franchise and there continues to be demand for T5 collectibles. In a few days we’ll tell you about some all NEW Genisys merchandise nearly ready to be unveiled, but for now, we can tell you about this new Kubros block figure.

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Arnold Meet & Greet in Graz for the Fans! Get Your VIP Tickets!

Over the last few years, Arnold has been traveling to many great worldwide locations, sharing his wisdom, personal life stories and inspiring rules of success with his fans. These social gatherings (Arnold Classics or black tie events) are infrequent but special and for 2016, we're in for the biggest treat of all!

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10 Challenge Ideas for Arnold’s Celebrity Apprentice!

Now that the 16 contestants have been revealed on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice, we’re one step closer to having a tremendous amount of money raised for charities. Naturally, the After-School All-Stars will be high on Arnold’s fund-raising missions on the primetime show but let’s consider a few other organizations, businesses and events

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Exclusive: Turbo Time with Daniel Riordan!

'Tis the season to put those cookies down and watch Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way! Towards the end of the movie, Arnold puts on the suit from everyone's favorite TV and toy character, Turbo Man!

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TAFs with Alyssa Milano, Jessie Ventura and Kevin Pollak!

News is running a little hot right now of Shane Black's finished Predator script. We hope it has a big role for Arnold to return as Dutch and while we do not have a new statement from Arnold, we did talk briefly with another Predator star, Jessie Ventura. We asked the sexual Tyrannosaurus about working with Schwarzenegger.

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Exclusive Interviews with CA’s Governor & CA Hall Of Fame Inductees!

We were BACK on the red carpet of the 9th Annual California Hall of Fame. On Wednesday, Oct. 28, at the California Museum, TheArnoldFans claimed our usual spot on the red carpet to speak with some of the Golden’s State's legends/descendants and talk about fitness, Schwarzenegger and the beauty of the great state of California.

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Exclusive: The Last Resort for Thumbelina & Mary 3-Boobs!

While sitting down with Debbie Lee Carrington, I was wishing we could have been chatting in The Last Resort but sitting with Total Recall’s Thumbelina on Earth was still a real treat. Debbie was sitting with me at a Star Wars event since she played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi but she was ready to leave planet Endor to remember her days on Mars.

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The 3rd Annual Arnold Merchandise Sale is Live!

Get ready to pump up your Schwarzenegger collections because our annual ONLINE Arnold sale is open for business! That's right, We're opening up the virtual garage door here to TheArnoldFans headquarters.

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Unboxing Review: John Matrix Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys!

Let’s party, Arnold fans; The John Matrix sixth scale figure is finally shipping out now from Sideshow Collectibles! I just received my Commando, a one-man army, in the mail and he’s probably the greatest figure ever created by Hot Toys! The 12.5" John Matrix sixth scale figure, presented by Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys, is specially crafted based on the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando!

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Exclusive: Pumpin' & Rockin' with Billy Corgan, Flea & Electric Six!

Which bands give you the biggest pump while exercising? TheArnoldFans spoke with several musicians recently since we all like to rock out to boost our cardio levels and release our inner Schwarzenegger rock star. Not only do some of these rockers tell me what exercises they do to get a good pump, I'm also nominating the band Electric Six, as this year's winner of 2015's Best Gym Tunes! But first up, let's hear from Flea, bassist of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donny Osmond and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.

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