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T5 Exclusive: Lisa Love Lands Make-Up Head & Possible Composers!

Today I was in communication with T1-T3 make-up department head Jeff Dawn, who tells TheArnoldFans to whom he's passing the Terminator torch. Dawn applied the most memorable and iconic endo facial appliances onto Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first three films. Dawn will not be coming back to the franchise but he does wish the crew the very best.

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TAFs Interviews SABOTAGE's Olivia Williams & Bill Block!

While "Sabotage" might be chasing away general audiences domestically due to extreme violence or critics with low-foreheads, the film has yet to hit many international territories for release. If you haven't already seen this fantastic film, get ready for big action and a terrific cast. There aren't too many females in Sabotage but the ones who are in it, are some of the better characters (next to Arnold, of course)!

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The Fate of "Twins 2" & "King Conan" with Universal Pictures!

Considering the big upset with the Sabotage box office results, many fans are worried over Schwarzenegger’s future in film and especially concerned about the fate of King Conan. I know what you’re thinking: has Universal Pictures lost interest in King Conan? On the contrary; with the odds that Twins 2 will not be greenlit and with major enthusiasm from the movie studio and producers for another Conan adventure, King Conan will most likely immediately follow Terminator: Genesis!

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Titus Welliver Talks Transformers: Age of Extinction!

Here's a news story that has NOTHING to do with Arnold so why am I about to share with you this Transformers exclusive interview with Titus Welliver? Well, for one I'm a big fan of the Transformers cartoon series and had nearly a hundred Hasbro Generation 1-3 toys. Second, Welliver is a big Arnold fan who insisted on attending the red carpet premiere of Sabotage!

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Manganiello "Sabotage" Exclusive: Part 2: Superheroes & a Future Arnold Team-Up!

Last week at the SABOTAGE Los Angeles premiere, I met Grinder, played by Joe Manganiello at the after-party and then sat down with him on the following day for a one-on-one interview. If you missed our PART 1 interview with Joe (talking deleted scenes and WWE RAW), then click HERE!

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The Future of Arnold: End of Days or Glory Days?

In the '80s and '90s, the name SCHWARZENEGGER was all it took to bring in an audience so let's think about what went wrong and if Arnold still has a chance at a prosperous future in films.

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Is Sabotage's David Ayer & Arnold Open to Commando 2?

On the red carpet for the Sabotage premiere, I spoke with the director, David Ayer, who not only tells TheArnoldFans that the film was originally 3 hours long, he also tells us that he has a Commando script for Arnold!

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Joe Manganiello "Sabotage" Exclusive: Part 1: Soaring Australians & Chairs!

Don't forget to get in the ring with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello on Monday the 24th! Up until now, all we knew is that these two Sabotage stars will guest star on WWE RAW on Monday but NOW, Joe Manganiello gives TheArnoldFans the exclusive on what fans can expect to see! Read on for deleted Sabotage scenes and news which would have made Randy, the Macho Man say, "Ooooh Yeeeaaah!"

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Exclusive: Schwarzenegger on Expendables 3 & Sabotage!

On Wednesday, March 19th, the stars of SABOTAGE all stepped up to our mic one-by-one while TheArnoldFans covered the red carpet premiere at the Regal Cinemas LA Live. Soon we'll bring you our action-packed exclusive interviews with director David Ayer and film stars Joe Manganiello, Olivia Williams and many other ass-kickers.

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Exclusive: Original Terminator Endo Crew Joins “Genesis” Cast!

As you all know, Arnold Schwarzenegger told TheArnoldFans that he’ll BE BACK to film an all-new Terminator film in New Orleans and San Francisco next month. But we have breaking news on who else will be returning; joining Arnold will be another original Terminator alumni! While we’ve been hearing a lot about casting of the lead characters, we have not yet heard who will be creating the cyborgs and robots!

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