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Schwarzenegger is 100% Certain that Triplets Will Get Made!

It was a fantastic evening with Arnold in Birmingham on September 19th as he spoke about his life-long successes and passed along a heavy dose of life-time motivation to his fans. Schwarzenegger brought along many items that he signed to be auctioned off for his favorite charity: After-School All-Stars. TheArnoldFans had one of our reporters here to bring you the latest on Arnold’s upcoming film projects and our favorite action hero let us know the latest on Twins 2 and Kung Fury..

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Remembering Franco Columbu, the Golden Era Strongman!

Here today and gone tomorrow. Or in Franco Columbu’s case: gone never! Columbu may have left this earth but the legend of this highly-accomplished muscleman, actor and humanitarian lives on. Franco, 78, tragically died while swimming in his hometown of Sardinia, Italy last week.

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Exclusive Update on Terminator: Dark Fate & T2 Figures by NECA!

In celebration of Terminator Day (August 29th) today, we’re bringing you a special update on the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate action figures by NECA. Randy Falk, director of product development at NECA, gave us an exclusive interview on these well-sculpted and heavily armed action figures

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Happy 72nd Birthday, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

July 30, 1947: a baby boy is born in Graz, Austria. He'd grow up in a tiny village, but quickly developed big dreams, and over his life, systematically set goals and achieved those dreams again and again. Bodybuilder... movie star... husband... father... governator... environmentalist... our hero has achieved so much

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Silicon Valley Comic Con Adds NEW Terminator Guests & Terminator Panel!

Last week we reported that there would be three great Terminator stars (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick and Eddie Furlong) attending next month’s Silicon Valley Comic Con. However, we are very pleased to announce that this San Jose convention will now be doing a full blown Terminator Cast Reunion

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Arnold, Robert Patrick & Eddie Furlong Joins Silicon Valley Comic Con!

It’s shaping up to be a nice Terminator reunion at this years Silicon Valley Comic Con held in San Jose, CA on August 16-18th. Robert Patrick will be there on Saturday and Sunday but Arnold will only be there on Sunday the 18th so plan accordingly.

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Exclusive First Look at T2 Ultimate John Connor by NECA!

We’ll be back once again to San Diego Comic Con this year and we’re pumped to visit our favorite action figure display at the NECA booth. We always rush over to their display booth to see what the latest Terminator, Arnold and Predator figures are but this year our friends at NECA are giving TheArnoldFans a very early look at their upcoming SDCC exclusive.

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Arnold Assaulted in South Africa: Kicked but Standing Tall!

In a shameful and cowardly act, one crazy spectator at the Arnold Classic Africa ran at Schwarzenegger and kicked the action hero in the back when he wasn’t looking. When the first video went viral, it looked like Arnold was kicked so hard that he went down but later the Terminator star himself shared another angle of the incident which showed he was really only jostled and only took a step forward and never went down.

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See an Arnold Artist's Exhibit in LA!

Are you West-coasters feeling left out with Columbus' "Art at the Arnold" every year? Well, an Arnold Fan wrote us to tell about his own Arnold Art which will be featured in a new exhibit in LA starting tomorrow, April 20!

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Greenlight Collectibles Terminator Cars & Special Event on May 10th!

Greenlight Collectibles is doing a fantastic job of continuing to produce more highly-detailed vehicles from The Terminator. Some of these vehicles even come with characters! You can find an endoskeleton with the 1977 Dodge Monaco Metropolitan Police car and look for a 1983 Jeep CJ-7 Renegade with or without a Sarah Connor figure!

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