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Arnold Gives Us Movie Exclusive During the Classic!

Friday, March 2, 2012 

TheArnoldFans, having just had "Breakfast with Arnold" Friday morning in Columbus, Ohio, was able to get a real big exclusive out of the returning on-screen action hero. I asked the Austrian Oak how he enjoyed being back on movie sets and to tell us about his next projects. Before today's breakfast, all of his fans were confused about Arnold signing on with Stallone and Jim Caviezel in The Tomb when we all thought he had an April 1st start date of Black Sands. Which film comes first? We had this question answered by Arnold himself! We have the exclusive, so listen up!

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I had a terrific time after my work as governor to be asked as Stallone to be in Expendables 2, so I flew to Bulgaria and worked there for a few days and it was fantastic! They had Van Damme in the movie and Dolph Lundgren and Stallone and Chuck Norris-- every action hero between the ages of 30 and 100. On the movie set they're having the biggest shootouts, and we have a great time when you do that because they're very funny guys and masters at what they're doing. 

From that movie I went on to do The Last Stand which was shot in New Mexico and we shot that from October to December. That was a terrific experience, and that movie's going to come out a little less than a year from now. They're working on editing now, and the visual effects. 

The next movie I'm working on again with Sly is The Tomb which will be a prison movie. We are both caught in the most difficult prison to break out of, which is a huge ship out in the ocean, so you can't escape. But of course, we figure it out! (audience laughs) 

Then we're going to do The Unknown Soldier which is going to be with the Bandito Brothers that did Act of Valor, the number one movie right now and is getting such notoriety because they shot if for 4 million dollars and it looks like 100 million dollar movie because they got military and shot real action stuff which makes the movie so big and very successful, great story and everything. Those directors are doing Unknown Soldier, we start shooting sometime in June. Hopefully by that time my shoulder will be OK so I can do the stunts, but I'm looking forward to all that."

Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, directors of the hit action film Act of Valor, are set to direct their upcoming Schwarzenegger film, Unknown Soldier in June. Arnold and his sons attended the Hollywood premiere several days ago and the family was truly blown away by the intense action and directing skills.

Arnold tweets: "Congrats to @ActofValorFilm & the Bandito Brothers on being number one at the box office. Can't wait to work with you on our movie."

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