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Gillinator and Krum on Escape Plan's Red Carpet! 

Escape Plan is out in theaters NOW! What are you doing reading this article, get your ass to the movies!

Oh, you're just killing time between the multiple screenings of Escape Plan as you marathon all weekend? OK, read on then.

As usual, TheArnoldFans was honored with a spot on the red carpet for Arnold's latest U.S. movie premiere. What was different this time, is that the premiere was NOT in L.A. like most, but New York City! This meant that TAFs' East Coast division could finally get a chance to attend without travelling across the country. And so it was that Gillinator and Brandon Krum convened at the Regal E-Walk Cinema right near Times Square for a night full of stars and action that they wouldn't soon forget!

We arrived at the theater nice and early. The carpet and huge Escape Plan posters were set up in front, and there was already a crowd of fans clustering (as well as normal tourists and New Yorkers asking what was happening, then getting very excited after hearing it was an Schwarzenegger-Stallone film!). We checked in with our press passes, and received a primo spot INSIDE the theater lobby! 

This was a new experience for both Brandon and myself, getting to actually interview the stars as they arrive, so Randy had given me some tips. The most important one was being quick with our questions because you are kind of fighting for the stars attention with the other reporters on the red carpet, so any hesitation and someone else can jump in and your moment is lost as they move on. I was very nervous about this, picturing a horde of microphones and cameras pushing me out of the way as Arnold and other stars came by. Fortunately, either things are done differently in New York, or just our being inside the theater with space to breathe made a difference, but things were extremely orderly and fair. The publicist for each star would lead them down the line and check with the reporters ahead if they wanted to interview that particular person, and then would introduce us to them when it was time. For most, we got a chance to ask several questions, and they took their time giving thoughtful answers. It was still nerve wracking, as I had never spoke with so many celebrities one-on-one before in my life (including Arnold, at least, not while he was less than a foot away!), but it turned out really well and was quite a blast!

We are uploading all the interviews, but we will start off with the only one that matters: the Man himself, Arnold! Here is the transcription followed by the video.

Gillinator: Hello, Arnold! It's good to see you here, we are so pumped for this movie!

Schwarzenegger: Good.

Gillinator: What were the acting challenges in this movie, how did you approach the role in working with Sly, and how does that compare with something else like Maggie that you're filming now?

Schwarzenegger: Actually the interesting thing is I'm being offered films that are much more dramatic in a way than in the past. In this movie, even though it's an action movie and a buddy movie, there were some real great scenes the way that they were written, where we go much deeper into the acting and it was something very challenging. Also, I use my native language... in some of the scenes. I just love the preparation for the movie, I love rehearsing with Sly for the movie, and with the director and producers of the movie. We push each other all the time. What made it so much fun is when he pushed me, I pushed him, and that's what created the great performances.

Gillinator: Very nice!

Schwarzenegger: It's good to have you here!

Be back for much much more including interviews with the producer, director, Jim Caviezel, Faran Tahir, our after party experience, and our reviews of the movie as well! Now make your Escape Plan back to the theater to see the movie again!

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