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More Escape Plan Interviews: Amy Ryan & Mark Canton!

We're wrapping up our Escape Plan Premiere coverage with two more interviews from the red carpet in New York. First up is the lovely and talented Amy Ryan! She has appeared in movies such as Gone Baby Gone and War of the Worlds, as well as TV shows like The Wire and The Office (as Michael's quirky love interest Holly). Let's hear what she had to say.

Gillinator: You look fantastic as Arnold would say!

Amy: Thanks!

Gillinator: I'm curious about your character since we haven't seen much in the previews, and you're one of the few females in this testosterone fueled movie. What is your character and how did you prepare for it?

Amy: I play Abigail- she's kind of Sylvester Stallone's right hand lady. So when he goes undercover in the prisons, myself and 50 Cent are there to make sure he is safe the whole time, and that we have an Escape Plan for him should he need to get out, and he can't get out on his own.

Gillinator: And then things go wrong! Did you enjoy working with Sly and Arnold?

Amy: I didn't work with Arnold, he was in different parts of the film... but I did enjoy working with Sylvester and 50 Cent... I asked to call him Curtis, I didn't know if I could call him 50 Cent or Curtis, but both are acceptable. But yes, it was great fun filming, and we felt like kids, playing Cops and Robbers.

Gillinator: What would your favorite Arnold movie and favorite Sly movie be?

Amy: Rocky. Kindergarten Cop.

Gillinator: Ah, very nice! "It's naddah toomah!"

Amy: That's good!

Gillinator: Thank you, I get a lot of practice!

Finally, we also interviewed one of the producers of the film, Mark Canton. First, like many others, he complemented me on my Last Action Hero jacket, remarking that he didn't even have one even though he probably sold them all when he left Sony (he was chairman of Sony's Columbia Pictures in the 90's, which released LAH).

Gillinator: I'm Ryan with

Mark: I love TheArnoldFans!

Gillinator: We are very excited for this movie-- the teaming up of our favorite person, Arnold with his arch rival/friend Sly for the first time ever. What did it take to make this happen?

Mark: I think first of all it took a really good screenplay as it should, and then it took a director who they were both attracted toward his work. Then I think writing, and of course producing, and the fact that I had a life long relationship with both of them, and had worked with them, but never together. We wanted to find something that would be their Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, something you could only get by seeing this movie, because it's taken them a long time to get together. 

Gillinator: Arnold is now also filming a zombie movie, Maggie. You have some experience with zombie movies as well, what do you think of this zombie revival?

Mark: I don't think they ever actually went away. I thik our government has made zombies more possible because of the way they behave is why everybody wants to be a zombie and get rid of everyone in Washington. So they're sort of making it easy for us to believe in zombies. That's a good script, Maggie, I know the script.

Gillinator: Any favorite moments from the movie for you?

Mark: Yeah, the moments together, when the two of them are together there are a lot of moments, especially when they have their fight with each other-- never happened before.

Gillinator: That's exciting!

Mark: Yeah, very cool. I won't say who's tougher!

There you have it, our exclusive talks with the stars and people behind Escape Plan! BIG thanks to Lionsgate for setting us up so nicely on the red carpet. Oh, wait, you noticed there was one glaring omission? That's right, we DID talk to Sly breifly- enjoy the video of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Sylvester Stallone!


Oh well, I guess he saw that we were TheArnoldFans and kept right on going-- the rivalry lives on!

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