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Arnocorps Launches Wheel of Pain Push-ups App 2.0!

In their continued effort to facilitate the development of ballsy personas and upper body strength, ARNOCORPS, the pioneers of Action-Adventure Hardcore Rock and Roll, proudly release version 2.0 of their internationally acclaimed WHEEL OF PAIN PUSH-UPS app for iOS, an unprecedented mix of music, strength training and mobile technology. 

We told you about this ballsy app when they first launched it last year, and since then I have been personally using it off and on as part of my fitness routine and it has absolutely been a fantastic motivator with Arnocorps lead singer Holzfeuer reminding me to GOOOOO and do the push-ups. Now for the past month I have been beta-testing this new version, and it is even more fantastic than before! The whole app feels more responsive and solid, and it now integrates with iOS 8 Health app nicely AND provides graphs to track your progress. The workout schedule has also been tweaked in a way that I believe makes the ramp in difficulty smoother, it seems you're less likely to hit a wall that you can't pass (as I have before in Stage 6). Now I finally cracked 50 push-ups in one set, and am ready for more! Plus, don't forget it includes five classic Arnocorps tracks for FREE to serve as the soundtrack to your workout (you can always use your own songs, too). Best of all, the app is FREE to use until you are able to do a 25 push-up set, or the end of Stage 3, then it's just a $1.99 in-app purchase to keep going and get even more features like extra motivational advices from Holzfeuer during your workouts, using the proximity sensor to track push-ups instead of the touch screen, and more! I can’t stress enough how FUN this app is to use- it makes you really want to do push-ups in a way that the other boring push-up/exercise apps don’t. Trust me, just try it for free, and $2 to unlock the full app is a steal.

Here's more from the official Arnocorps press release!

When asked why a band with roots in punk and metal music scenes would release a world-class fitness app, Holzfeuer, vocalist of ArnoCorps, explained, "Let me tell you, this all comes down to the pump. Getting pumped, feeling pumped, being pumped! We have inspired people for many years with songs like "Total Recall", "Terminator," and "Last Action Hero", but many have requested specific guidance in their pursuit of the action adventure lifestyle. Our Wheel Of Pain Push-ups app takes our message to the next level, right there, helping you gain the strength to crush your enemies and see them driven before you. We guide you through a progressive training program, with my voice as the coach and virtual spot partner, counting reps and yelling at you to help to realize your full heroic or sheroic potential. It's almost like I've been cloned, in there. I admit at times our app does seem self aware, but we've made great efforts not to contribute to the rise of the machines." 

The band chose push-ups as the central movement on which to base their app for both physical and philosophical reasons, as Holzfeuer continued, "Of course we promote many types of strength training, but for the Wheel Of Pain, push-ups are the perfect choice as they are a universal form of exercise accessible to everyone, males and females, in any tactical situation, with no prerequisites for specialized training, certification or equipment. Also, they are a perfect metaphor for champions, as you push through obstacles, push through pain, push through hardships. The ability to push and overcome applies to every aspect of heroic life." 

"As with our musical endeavors, there have been half-assed attempts to replicate our innovative ideas but our creations remain the original and the goddamn ballsiest. Imitation is usually a form of flattery, but we view them as forms of flabbery! WHEEL OF PAIN PUSH-UPS 2.0 crushes the app clones as effectively as the re-release of THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME and TWO MORE! on ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES silences the musical copycats right there!" 

WHEEL OF PAIN PUSH-UPS is a serious workout application that guides the user through a 10-stage training schedule based on proven strength training principles to attain the eventual goal of performing 102 consecutive push-ups. The app senses each push-up and Holzfeuer counts your reps and yells words of encouragement when things start to get tough. Like ArnoCorps music, the app is packed full of features designed to motivate and entertain you. These include training reminders, statistics, graphs, calorific burn calculations (exported to iOS 8 health app), a leaderboard, social networking, meme generation, and spoken training advice during the rest periods tailored to your personal progression. The fully customizable training soundtrack is loaded with pump-inducing ArnoCorps songs. 

Enough talk. Time to feel the burn. Pull out your phone and search for "ArnoCorps" in the iOS App Store right now to watch the promo video and download the app. Alternatively, go to in your browser. 

The app is available for iOS. An Android version will be released early 2015. 


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