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Alright, "it is time" again for the Gillinator to come out from behind the website curtain and start a new Terminator Report series! Why is that? Well, unless you are new to TheArnoldFans or have been living in a nuclear fallout bunker like John Connor and Kate Brewster at the end of T3, you know that a new Terminator movie is under way! Even better, it is once again starring our favorite cybernetic organism, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the titular role! Sure, it was fun to see CG Arnold smack Christian Bale around in Terminator Salvation for a couple minutes, but that bright spot in an otherwise so-so movie was really just a tease for what the fans really want: Arnold being BACK! 

And back he is. The filming is happening over the next few months mostly in New Orleans, and it officially started on Monday, Aprill 21, with director Alan Taylor, who did "Thor: The Dark World." Skydance Productions tweeted out this cool image of the first scene's clapboard for Roll 1 Take 1. It shows the new variant of the Terminator font, and that the codename for the movie is in fact "Vista." Codenames are common practice for big name productions like this, so as to not draw too much public attention by plastering "TERMINATOR" everywhere. 

While you may at first think the "RIP Sarah" label in the corner has something to do with Sarah Connor's demise being filmed, fear not, this is not a spoiler. It is paying respect to a camera assistant named Sarah Jones, who died early this year in a terrible train accident while filming "Midnight Rider." 

Here is also a closeup of the director's chair back!

Finally, we created this poster image to celebrate the start of this timeline, but just to clarify- this is NOT a pic of Arnold from the set, just him looking bad-ass with those shades and leather pants. 

It's not much yet, but still gets me pumped in anticipation of more cool pics from the set as the shoot progresses. My CPU is overloaded trying to calculate what cool action and time-twisting plot they've got planned for this. Who knows, I may even get my own look at some of Cyberdyne's secrets. For now, follow @Skydance on Twitter, our Facebook page, and prepare for more Terminator updates right here! If you live in New Orleans and hear about any locations, or have pics or stories of your own, contact me HERE. Hasta la VISTA!

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