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EXCLUSIVE Terminator Audition Footage & Evander Visits Arnold!

We have some interesting Terminator footage that was dropped off to me via a Skynet HK drone. But first, we got Arnold's first official tweet pic from the set (or at least, in his trailer) and it's with none other than boxing legend Evander Holyfield. Here's the pic from Instagram:

Now on to the meaty exclusive! It is an audition reel for a female role in the new movie that hasn't been cast yet. In it the actress is using what seems to be actual dialogue from the script. Because of this, it's very clear what the role is and along with the content of the dialogue gives some what I would consider light spoilers of the plot and where part of it might be going. Nothing too revealing, but if you've remained in the dark about the overall concept behind the plot of this Terminator or don't want to know what previous characters in the series might come back, then you may want to avoid watching this and the remainder of this article as I'll discuss it more below. We promise we will never post major plot details or spoilers here. With that said, here it is:


The actress is Julie Ness, who is pretty unknown at the moment, having done a couple very small roles in TV and some commercial work. The role is of course, teenage John's "loving" foster mother Janelle, played memorably by James Cameron regular Jenette Goldstein (she also played Vasquez in Aliens). This confirms that we will indeed revisit the events of T2 in some way. Again, this is just an audition video and we have confirmed that the role has NOT been officially cast yet. It could go to Julie, or not. 

Beyond the actress, it's interesting what the dialogue exchange tells us. She's talking to a female character since she calls her "lady" at one point. Janelle doesn't know this person, which leads us to believe it isn't Sarah Connor, whom Janelle would've at least seen pictures of. What other female would be telling Janelle that John is "gone" but "safe" and not to trust the police? Hmmmm.... 

That's all for now-- back to the war against the humans... I mean, machines!

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