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Terminator Roundup! A Truck, A Logo, and A Cast Interview!

OK, cyborgs and cyborgettes- here's the latest news straight from Skynet! A couple of days ago, Arnold posted a photo of himself on Facebook/Twitter wearing a USA soccer shirt in support of the World Cup team. Arnold looks cool as always, but in the background of the photo is part of a huge looking truck of some sort. We did some digging and found this other picture someone nabbed near the Terminator set, which is almost certainly the same massive truck. What will this be used for? Is Skynet rounding up humans for termination in the future war, or are the humans using it to transport their own reprogrammed killing machines? Don't know, but it's Arnold's kind of vehicle.

The next Terminator scoop (of sorts) comes from the surprising source of the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. spotted a full size endoskeleton there, and at its base was a sign saying simply "Terminator" and "2015." The font is not the traditional Terminator font we've seen variations of with the other movies, but really something all new with only small resemblances.

Now this is not likely to be the final logo or font that will actually be used for marketing the film, given they still don't have an official subtitle for it. It does look more modern, but it seems like a font that other sci-fi movies have used, instead of something distinctly Terminator. I also kind of doubt the endoskeleton is actually a new one since it looks exactly like the Sideshow Collectible endo you can buy HERE if you want (and TAFs would be gratelful)! 

We did see an authentic Terminator costume though in this leaked future war armor pic from JoBlo!

We got some future war stuff with Terminator Salvation, but somehow they failed to make it really epic like we've always imagined and have been teased with in each of the Terminators. Let's hope they'll remedy that. The outfit does seem to hearken to the ones worn by Kyle and others in the first film.

Finally, J.K. Simmons spoke with Total Film recently, and in the interview video below, he spoke vaguely about his role in the new Terminator. He only says it's a character that hasn't appeared in any of the films before. So he will not be taking Earl Boen's place as Silberman. He goes on to say he was sceptical of the movie at first, but after reading through the script, he found that it was "really smart... a lot of funny stuff in it and great action." He goes on to say it hearkens back to the first 2 movies, but with a modern sensibility, and "more of an injection of humor." That scares me a little, because more humor is what T3 had and was arguably the worst aspect of it. Now if they can achieve what T2 did in striking the right balance of humor and have it be more situational, like "he'll live" and less cheesy in-your-face jokes like "talk to the hand," then it's OK. J.K. Simmons usually does more comedy roles, so maybe he was more tuned in to those aspects. 

That's all for now! I'll be back.

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