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"The Terminator" 30th Anniversary Screening with Arnold & Cameron in LA!

**UPDATE 9-29** The tickets now appear to be sold out. It was hard to pinpoint the exact time they went on sale, but hopefully some TAFs readers got some and will tell us how the screening goes!

This is BIG news, fans! How would you like seeing the original 1984 "Terminator" movie on the big screen? OK, how about seeing it WITH Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, and Gale Ann Hurd? Even better? Well, to top it off, how about a Q&A panel with those three after the film? Would you like to go to that? If you're watching your heads up Termo-vision display, it should give you these choices:

"The tickets... give them to me NOW!"
"Come on, don't bullshit me."
"Fuck yes, asshole!"

OK, enough BS. It's true, there will be a special 30th anniversary screening of "The Terminator" at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood on October 15th! BUT, you need to act fast and buy your tickets which go on sale TODAY at Fandango for only $25! At the time of this posting, they haven't gone up yet, but keep checking because they are sure to sell out FAST at this price. I mean, seeing the movie in a theater would be worth that price alone, let alone with Arnold AND Cameron there. What kills us is that unforntunately none of TheArnoldFans staff will be able to make it to L.A. for this screening! So we ask any fans out there who grab tickets to attend this to contact us to let us know you're going if you'd like to give a report of the event, and especially the Q&A panel since there should be some very interesting stories looking back on the filming "The Terminator," how well it holds up today, and maybe some more tidbits from Arnold about "Terminator: Genisys."

October 15th-- seems like a "nice night for a walk" to the Egyptian Theater for a once in a lifetime viewing of "The Terminator" with its original creators! What are you waiting for? GET OUT and get tickets NOW!


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