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EXCLUSIVE: Arnold on GENISYS Fight Details Plus MAGGIE & CONAN Update!

We just wrapped up another crazy exhausting weekend in Columbus at the Arnold Classic and Sports Festival, filled with great interviews and Arnold encounters galore! These will also be told, but first, the best news is we got to hear some new TERMINATOR GENISYS details and also talk with Arnold about MAGGIE and CONAN!

During the Arnold Sunday Showcase, not only did Arnold give some exclusive updates to TheArnoldFans about Maggie and Conan, we also learned additional details of the Terminator's fight scenes. At the Bodybuilding Finals last night, they screened the trailer (no, it wasn't a new trailer, but the crowd loved it). 

Arnold: "I got myself in shape and felt great, the way I looked in the movie. I think it's going to be a great movie with great surprises, none of which you can see in the trailer, simply because of the visual FX... to recreate me from 1984, every single frame has to be recreated... and it's quite a long scene. The idea is in 1984 when you see me walking across naked to those punks and say "Give me your clothes,"... now the scene changes. As I (the young Arnold) say "Give me your clothes," suddenly you hear a voice behind me say "You won't need them." So the Terminator turns around to check out who is that, and all of a sudden he sees himself, which is me the way I look now, and I'm there with a shotgun, and I just blast away at him.

We'll be having some great surprises about who is the ultimate villain that I have to fight, how I was reprogramed, and the time travel. You can't travel through time when you have metal exposed, and my arm gets deteriorated... the flesh, because of some acid... so then my metal arm is exposed, therefore I cannot use the time machine."

He also mentioned the movie has unbelievable battle scenes and fight scenes, and it will be something that both Terminator fanatics and people who are seeing Terminator for the first time will love. He also thanked Jim Cameron for helping develop the idea over the past 2 years. So this was some cool new info, especially about the young/old Arnold fight scene.

TheArnoldFans first broke some Arnold vs Arnold fight scene news when we spoke to, Brett Azar, who plays the young 1984 T-800 body double to Arnold. 

TheArnoldFans: Did Arnold rough you up during fights? Any bruises?

Brett Azar: “NO, do you know what? There’s a moment when he’s on the ground during the fight choreography, and every time he went to the ground, he fell on the mat. After the shot, I’d offer to pick him up and he’d refuse every time. I mean, we did this so many takes and every time he’d get up on his own. He just kept going. And that’s Arnold.” 

Then before he left for the next event, Arnold thanked TheArnoldFans for being there and briefly spoke with us about MAGGIE and CONAN. 

Gillinator: Congratulations on MAGGIE (getting in Tribeca), we're very excited about that.

Arnold: Yes, thank you. It will be something very different in that it has a lot of drama in it, but it is something that turned out great and I really think that people will enjoy it. 

Gillinator: That's great! And then CONAN hopefully next?

Arnold: Yeah.

So good news that CONAN is still on his dock, and will hopefully start filming later this year. Conan's film producers tell TheArnoldFans they hope to begin production on THE LEGEND OF CONAN this fall, right after Arnold's TERMINATOR GENISYS worldwide promotional tour. Universal Pictures loved the first draft and now, Will Beal, writer of the new Conan, is days away from finishing the tighter second draft. 

MAGGIE will first make its screen debut  at the 14th Tribeca Film Festival in New York. After the nine million dollar zombie art film gets its premiere within the dates of April 15th-26th, we can catch it in limited theatrical release on May 8th, distributed by Lionsgate's Roadside Attractions. Schwarzenegger plays Wade, a farmer and father of three, living with his family in America's rural Midwest. When his eldest daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin) becomes infected with a mysterious disease that slowly turns its victims into zombie-like creatures. 

Individual tickets to see Maggie will go on sale March 31 HERE, though you can purchase ticket packages starting March 9 that let you choose your films early on March 23. Look for the MAGGIE poster and trailer to hit any day now. 

2015 looks to be an amazing year for Schwarzenegger! TheArnoldFans will next be covering our hero's induction into the Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony this month followed up by our Wonder Con coverage in April (hoping for TERMINATOR GENISYS and MAGGIE panels and promos)! "Stick around" for more exclusive Arnold movie coverage!

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