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New Genisys Trailer Hits With Big Plot Reveal!

(note: no spoilers in this article) It's times like this that it's tough to know how to cover something like the new official TERMINATOR GENSISYS trailer that was posted this morning. If you've seen it already, you know exactly what I mean. First off, I do think the trailer is awesome and gets me even more pumped for the film, but it does in fact reveal what seems like a HUGE plot point that was previously kept under wraps (though various leaks had revealed the gist). Therefore, I'm torn on whether to discuss it openly and encourage fans to watch it, or to help people who are trying to avoid spoilers and get more of a pure experience in the theater. For now, we'll take the conservative route and NOT discuss the particular plot reveal, though the trailer is embedded at the bottom if you want to watch it and be spoiled. 

The trailer has a lot of other new footage, including John Connor as a really young boy, the huge weapons cache that Sarah has kept that puts the one in T2 to shame, another great Arnold "get out" moment, and a tiny bit more of the T-800 vs T-800 fight that is one of the film's most anticipated scenes. If you want to watch some of the trailer WITHOUT seeing the big spoiler, you can safely watch until about 1:17 in. From there until the very end of the 2:30 trailer, it's spoiler city, both with all new scenes and others we'd seen from the first trailer which are extended to show more. 

So yes, it's a bummer that, like many film trailers these days, the studio has chosen to reveal more than we'd like. But on the bright side, even knowing what we know from watching the trailer, there are still many questions about it that remain unanswered, and while you can make some educated guesses on where the plot goes, there are enough different possibilities that it far from spoils the whole movie. I would say this reveal MAY be akin to the T2 trailers revealing that the T-800 is the "good" Terminator, which if you were watching the movie completely fresh, you wouldn't know for sure until that slow-motion scene in the mall hallway where Arnold says "get down" to blast away at the T-1000. In the grand scheme of things, this reveal didn't make the movie less enjoyable to watch, and I think GENISYS is a similar situation.

With that said, enjoy the trailer (or don't, and hats off to your quest to remain spoiler-free!) There's lots more Terminator news on the way!

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