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The Terminator Crashes CinemaCon in Vegas!

Hasta Las Vegas, Baby! CinemaCon is taking place in Las Vegas this week, and Paramount Pictures of course brought out their big guns in a preview of films for this coming year. Arnold came out on stage in a T2 era leather jacket and shades while Guns N' Roses' "You Could Be Mine" blasted, fittingly enough. He joked that he wanted to make a big entrance via motorcycle, helicopter, or even "Caesar's chariot," but in the end, he decided to walk. He made a comment that the first 3 Terminator movies, the ones he was in, were the "only ones that count," and then introduced the audience to 12 minutes of footage from Terminator Genisys! 

Reports from those in attendance say that the footage included what we've already seen in the trailers, just extending to show more from the first 2 acts of the film, though no complete scenes were shown. Arnold then stuck around and hung out with Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise who was promoting the next M:I film which comes out July 31.

Also at CinemaCon, they showed some Genisys posters, including this cool new motion poster.

Meanwhile, sites all over the web are still buzzing about that big reveal/spoiler in the new trailer. Some hate it, or hate that it's in the trailer, but most seem to be digging it, which is good! I come down in the middle: it's really unfortunate that so many movies are spoiled by trailers these days, but I have to admit it seems to have accomplished what the studio wanted: getting more people interested in seeing the film IN THEATERS when it opens July 1st. For full spoiler talk and shot-by-shot analysis of the trailer, listen to the latest Arnold Radio News right now!


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