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Terminator Genisys Takes Over Cannes Festival!

Promotion for the Terminator Genisys is kicking into high gear as we're just a few weeks away from the premiere. We've seen new character posters, a teaser for the tie-in game, a "Terminator Experience" heading to malls and festivals to let you become the T-1000, and most recently, a new TV spot with a little new footage.

There was plenty of Terminator action happening at the Cannes Film Festival last week, too! Many banners and images from the movie were present, Arnold himself and some of the other stars were there, and there was even a screening of the orginal Terminator outside on the beach one night! Our correspondent, Fred Benkel, gave us some details about it all. He said near the Carlton was a big screen showing a special animated image, similar to the motion poster we've seen.

Fred told us lots of people stop to watch the animation, and also take their selfies as part of a promotion to win a pass for the film. Then there are other banners hung up around the top of the Palace as seen here.

Regarding the original "The Terminator" screening, Fred says there was a Terminator meeting on May 20 in cannes at the "pontiéro" (a big place near the beach of the palais des festivals), with a projection of the first terminator on a very big screen. What a cool venue to see this classic film! 

MGM is also rereleasing "The Terminator" in theaters in at least 20 territories around the world beginning June 14 in the U.S., so fans will have plenty of chances to see the film that started this huge franchise, and both Arnold's and Jim Cameron's massive careers!

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