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Arnold PUMPS UP for High-Action T6 Night Shoots & the War of T6 vs Triplets!

While the smaller Video On Demand films like “Maggie" and "Killing Gunther" are interesting roles for Arnold, they’re just not the same as the big theatrical releases we expect from our favorite action hero. Luckily for the fans, Schwarzenegger will be back very soon in the very big budgeted release of Terminator 6 and also with a wide theatrical release of Twins 2: Triplets!

We had a reporter cover the “Evevening with Arnold” experience in the UK last week and Schwarzenegger shared with us that he too feels the fans get the most out of his big theatrical releases and he is anticipating the pain and pleasure for the next Terminator film. For Terminator 6, Schwarzenegger says the more he suffers on the set in long, cold, evening, physically-demanding hours, the better the outcome for the fans!

“We’re doing Terminator 6 so I know there will be a lot of night shooting and craziness and all that stuff,”
Arnold tells us. “They are really tough to do. Working really hard and you're running, you're doing stunts, you're getting injuries and stuff like that, but then the outcome of it is fantastic! So, you know, the more that there is misery on the set, the more you struggle, the better in the end the movie looks. So that's just the way it is. I love doing it and I'm looking forward to doing more of these movies."

Schwarzenegger tells us he’ll be in fantastic physical shape to reprise his T-800 role. He will film his role as a 70-year-old fit man of action and he will be finished before his 71st birthday but T6 will not be released until a few days before his 72nd.

Here is Arnold’s huge bicep from a photo taken just yesterday!

"People always ask me, 'you are 70 years old - can you still do the stunts?' and I say, 'you know, of course!' That's the advantage when you train every day, you keep in good cardiovascular shape, and in good physical shape, and you keep your strength and everything, you can go and step on a movie and when you practice these different stunts, you can do that kind of work and do the grind that you did when you were 30 years old. So when people ask why I train everyday, it's because I want to be ready for the action!"

Arnold will even work out during production of Terminator 6 so he’ll be pumped up every single day on the set. WHEN he will get to his portable gym depends on his shooting schedule.

"It's like five or six months of grinding out a lot of night shooting and day shooting,” says Schwarzenegger. "Trying to figure out 'should you you train at 3 in the morning? Do 5 in the morning? Can you squeeze in some time during the day?’”

But considering Arnold told us that the script for Triplets is just days away from completion, it’s a toss-up between both films as to which one will begin production first.

"In around 14 days or so, I’m going to have the finished script (to Twins 2) to read and I’ll be working on it." Terminator will definitely start in Marsh so it could be before that that we start Triplets or after that."

Even though the Triplets script should be done in early October, it is unlikely that cameras will role on this comedy before T6’s hard March 2018 start date. The final Triplets script, film sets, props, actor’s scheduling and more would all need to be finalized by a possible November 2017 start date in order for Arnold to be free for his already committed T6 March participation.  If Twins 2 doesn’t get all of its details fully worked out over the next 4 to 6 weeks, then it will begin production a month or two after T6 wraps production.

Terminator 6 (as we’ll call it until the official title release) will come out in July 26, 2019. July is a very popular month for Terminator films making T6 the 4th film in the franchise to be released that month. Another great thing about this late July date is that it will be released roughly one week after 2019’s San Diego Comic Con so we can expect a great Terminator panel with Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, Cameron and Tim Miller and more - all in attendance!

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