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Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Medical Reports on Hollywood's Greatest Action Heroes

Just in time for the holidays comes a fantastic gift for any fan of action. We should all make time to read "Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Medical Reports on Hollywood's Greatest Action Heroes”.  This new book analyzes the cinematic injuries of characters from our favorite action movies and gives us a real-life medical prognosis from these injuries. The art might be comical and fun but the injuries are serious. The average human might not live after similar injuries but these tough guys and heroic women can take a real beating. This 7 x 7 hardbound by Insight Editions is a ton of fun and it gives us a look at many different action heroes and their bloody injuries. The film’s title naturally comes from the Arnold movie Predator and there are three different Arnold characters studied in this book. Sarah Connor also is featured along with a couple other badass females. 

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Hollywood action heroes shrug off bullet wounds like mosquito bites and jump through panes of glass as if their skin is made of asbestos. But how long would these gun-toting badasses last in the real world? Ain’t Got Time to Bleed catalogs the injuries endured by some of the best-known characters in the action-movie genre and uses authentic medical research to assess their real-life chances of survival. Featuring full-color illustrations by Steve Lefcourt that reveal how these hard-boiled icons would really look after being put through the Hollywood wringer. Ain’t Got Time to Bleed delivers twenty-nine hilariously grisly diagnoses that will change the way you watch action movies forever.




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