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James Cameron Talks T2 in 3D and T6 Involvement!

**Updated with release dates** King of the World, Friend to Arnold, and Director of Terminator, James Cameron has been tied up in endless Avatar pre-production as of late, since he is preparing to film 4(!) sequels back-to-back. Well, he took a short break from all that to have a Facebook live interview, helping to promote the premiere of the new 3D version of Terminator 2: Judgment Day at the Berlin International Film Festival. As Arnold Fans, we always hold out a glimmer of hope that he will work with the Governor again someday, and bring back his liquid metal touch to the Terminator franchise again. Recently, rumors started up again that when the rights to Terminator finally revert back to Cameron in 2019, he actually might be interested in returning to Terminator to possibly produce. During the Q&A, he was asked point-blank if he would return to Terminator, and here's what he had to say.

Cameron: It's a complex issue. The current rights holder is Skydance... I'm in very early discussions with them because why wait until 2019 if we know that's coming, we can get ahead of it. I won't be directing because I'm doing 4 Avatar movies back-to-back...but that doesn't mean I can't be creatively involved... so fingers crossed that we can bring Terminator back. I think the bigger issue is how do we make it fresh, how do we make it new and as inventive for the 21st century as those first 2 Terminator films were 25 and 30 years ago.

He then joked about calling "action" on Terminator 18 as he taps out with his cane when the host said he can direct a new movie in 2029. Cameron also revealed an interesting tidbit about the new 3D remastering of T2. It is indeed an all-new 4K restoration, that the original Director of Photography Adam Greenberg to supervise color-correction, so even without the 3D conversion, it is the best looking version of T2 ever. A lot of us have wondered if Cameron also took the opportunity to enhance any of the special effects or correct any mistakes. He did mention one thing that always bothered him was the shot when the T-1000 was driving the truck after John in the canal, and in one shot the windshield is taken out by the overpass, but in the next shot it's back again, so he did have them erase it out of that shot. Other than that, no new digital enhancements were made, as he thinks it's a slippery slope into too much revisionism.

Those were the most newsworthy responses, but the entire interview is up on the T2 Facebook page that you can check out HERE. Unfortunately, we did not hear when T2 might get a US release date (UPDATE: StudioCanal just announced release dates, including Aug 24 in Australia, Aug 25 in US & UK, Aug 29 in Germany, and Sept 20 in France!), nor any info about a blu-ray release later on. Plus of course, we're STILL waiting for True Lies to get a proper HD Special Edition release too! Please let this be the year for that! Oh well, it was still great to hear Cameron talk Terminator again and he seems more open to truly participating in a new sequel than he has in the last decade, so let's hope he's works things out with Skydance to make it happen! As we know, the future is not set.

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