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Exclusive Interviews: Young Kyle Reese & Lorne Balfe on T6!

The LEGO Batman movie is kicking some serious brick-butt at the box office and we’re happy to see our talented Terminator Genisys composer, Lorne Balfe, scored the fantastic bat-film! While promoting LEGO Batman on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, Lorne answered all of our Lego and Terminator questions. Isn’t it time LEGO creates some official LEGO Schwarzenegger minifigures?

TheArnoldFans: The LEGO Batman Movie was great! My son and I had a fantastic time watching this. Can you say it you have any other super hero film's in the works?
Lorne Balfe: "No super hero projects at the moment. Serial killers, scientists and mathematical genius's are my next few months!"
TheArnoldFans: If you could do another Schwarzenegger film, would you choose The Legend of Conan, The Predator or something original?
Lorne Balfe: "I would have to say original because the score of both Predator and Conan are AMAZING. It would be very difficult to beat them."
TheArnoldFans: James Cameron is returning to T6 as a producer with talks of the director of Deadpool to take over. You did an awesome job with Genisys and we really loved the film. Would you be willing to return to the Terminator world for Terminator 6? 
Lorne Balfe: "Defiantly if asked. Working with the team on Terminator. It was fantastic fun. It was amazing to be able to use the fantastic original theme and the infamous "Duh,duh,duh,duh,duh.”

The LEGO Batman Movie was great but it would have been even COOLER if Mr. Freeze was in it more!  Let’s just hope the rumors are true that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been cast in DC Universe film role! 
TheArnoldFans also had an opportunity to say hello to Bryant Prince who plays the young Kyle Reese in Terminator Genisys! 

TheArnoldFans: Bryant, please tell our readers about your role in Terminator Genisys.
Bryant Prince: "I play young Kyle Reese. And when he grows up, he and Emilia (Sarah Connor) get together. but Kyle Reese, we see him first like a kid. When he grows up, he knows he has to be a real man because everything goes all crazy.  So he turns into a man at a young age and he’s a crucial part in the Terminator series."

TheArnoldFans: Did you know who Jai Courtney (the man who plays the older you) was when you got this role?
Bryant Prince: "I vaguely knew who Jai Courtney was. I didn’t know who the other guy was. I think I had seen a film with Jai Courtney and I loved how he performed."

TheArnoldFans: How much studying did you do? Did you go back to see earlier Terminator films?
Bryant Prince: "I didn’t do that much studying except for watching the Terminator movies but I don’t know. I feel like if I met them, they’d say I did okay." 
TheArnoldFans: Yes, you did a great job.
Bryant Prince: "Thank you, very much!”

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