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Arnold Garage Sale: Terminator, Predator & More!

It’s time for another Arnold garage sale! I thought some of you Schwarzenegger collectors might be interested in a few of my extra Terminator collectibles since T2 fever is so strong right now as we’re about to celebrate T2 coming back to cinemas this month in 3D. All figures and items are still sealed (never opened). Please help these items go to a good home to be owned by an awesome Arnold fan. 
• Set of 4 very rare T2-3D metal pins from Universal Studios Japan. 35.00 for all four plus 6.00 shipping.
• TWO T2 Minimates sets: Battle Damaged T-800 and T-1000 and Biker T-800 and Kyle Reese. These sets are between good condition to near mint. 25.00 for both plus 12.00 shipping.  
• A Michael Biehn autographed Arnold head (Biehn signed it for me at Comic Con a couple years back and it is used in the video "Forever Arnold”). You’ll also get this rare T2 VHS tin boxset in a collector tin case. All contents including the VHS tapes (never watched) and the booklet inside are mint. But the outside of the T2 tin case has some rust spots. 25.00 for this set and Michael Biehn Arnold head. 16.00 shipping.  
• T2 McFarlane Movie Maniac figures: T-800 (Arnold) and T-1000. Figures are near mint and 30.00 for both plus 15.00 shipping.  
• Lot of 3 items: T5 plush Endoskeleton (sealed with tags) and two Funko Reaction Terminator Arnold figures (Tech Noir and Police Station). 22.00 for all 3 plus 12.50 shipping.    
• Terminator Salvation official studio promotional items. Set of 3: Water bottle, Endoskull paperweight and endear clip (sealed). 25.00 for all 3 plus 13.00 shipping.   
• Terminator Genisys MegaBloks set. This is a similar product to LEGO with 819 pieces. Build the Prisoner Transport Attack by Mega Bloks Terminator® Genisys and take on the machines from the inside! Led by John Connor and Kyle Reese, the Resistance soldiers are set to infiltrate the human work camp with a takeover of this Skynet Prisoner Transport truck. This heavy-duty vehicle comes rigged with ironclad defenses and powerful artillery that the Resistance can use to take out the two standard metal skeleton T-800 infiltrator units patrolling the area. Open the side and back panels to load your soldiers, or flip up the roof latch to unleash the turret gun. Then gear your highly detailed, super-poseable Resistance fighters for a foray behind Skynet’s defenses using the included rocket launcher and plasma rifle accessories. 25.00 plus 17.00 shipping.  
I also have some none-Terminator items.
• 12 inch McFarlane Toys Predator figure. Sealed and mint! 50.00 plus 17.00 shipping.  
• 2002 Autographed Predator 2 collectible bust by Palisades. Autographed by the full production team of Palisades. 50.00 plus 17.00 shipping.  
• Blade Fighter Predator vehicle by Kenner and a Alien Vs Predator long sleeve shirt (never worn) to advertise the video game. 20.00 plus 11.00 shipping.  
• Conan the Barbarian officially licensed miniature Weapon by Marto, Spain. 20.00 + 8.00 shipping.  
Shipping costs are for USA shipping (overseas shipping may not be worth it as the post office will try to screw you over). Contact for orders. Payments by Paypal. Buying multiple items will save you in shipping costs.


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