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Exclusive Photos + Arnold Helps Raise 2.1 Million During Annual Western Party!

Arnold fan Dávid Almássy from Budapest, Hungary was happy to share with us his personal photos while meeting Schwarzenegger at his own home! David was fortunate enough to get an invitation to the annual Westime Western Charity Night which helped raise 2.1 million for Arnold’s After-School All-stars this weekend!

Dávid Almássy writes:  "We just had the awesome opportunity last weekend with my beautiful wife Reka and a lovely friend of ours to participate on the Westime Charity Night in the Governor’s house benefitting After-School All-Stars. This was the greatest party ever as we participated, enjoyed all the special programs, and met many wonderful and kind people. This night also gave us a professional picture. Arnold is COMPLETELY COMMITED to ASAS and any projects he believes in."

Dávid Almássy also shares his backstory on being an Arnold fan. “It all started in 1991 when I was 7 years old and I saw Conan the Barbarian on TV with my father. My father told me I was watching the movie almost without blinking and with open mouth! Right after the film, I said “I want to see every movie of Uncle Conan now!” Since that day, I am an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. I started working out in the gym at age 16 and watched every Arnold movie.

I admire Arnold's bodybuilding, film and political career, as he stands up for children (After-School All-Stars) and fights against climate change. Now at the age of 70, he is still strong, wakes up early in the morning, gets on his bike and goes to the gym before actually starting the day.

I met Arnold first in 2015 in Budapest. He did a fantastic one hour speech on goals and vision. I loved every word of it. Of course I’ve seen it already before on youtube, but it's so different when Arnold is standing only a few meters from you, you can feel the energy and motivation just charging you up.

I am a lucky person as my wife Reka Engyel also admires Arnold. We had our wedding last year in Honolulu, and hold our one month-long Honeymoon in Hawaii, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We had another great chance during this time to meet Arnold now together with Reka twice, a friend of ours introduced us to him. The Governor was very nice and kind, as always. He insisted to make the selfie of the three of us.”

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