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Arnold is BACK Filming "Terminator” as the T-800!!

Three years ago, "Terminator Genisys" was released in theaters and while it pleased a tad more than half the fans, it didn’t perform as well as we had all hoped. Considering it was not a mega box office hit, many fans believed it might be the final nail in the coffin and the franchise would be terminated forever. However, with great delight, we can announce that today - Arnold is at last BACK! Schwarzenegger, returning as the T-800 and he’ll be filming for “two months” in Hungary. 

Arnold, now 71, has been hitting the gym two to three times a day recently to get ready for his big return. Linda Hamilton, who also trained very hard for many months, has already been filming for some time now but between July 31and August 1st was Schwarzenegger's first time he actually stepped behind the camera. Other sites were incorrect when they said Arnold had begun filming in the third week of July but he actually didn’t land in Hungary until Monday, July 30th (his birthday). But we can forgive the sites for their mistakes because Arnold did say several days ago on social media that he was currently doing Terminator 6. But what he meant was he was heavily involved in prepping for it (rehearsing, exercising, facial scans, going over lines and so on).

Thanks to the studio for reaching out to James Cameron and bringing him on as a highly-involved producer and bringing back Schwarzenegger with Linda Hamilton, general audiences may be willing to give the franchise a final shot at redemption. But audiences will be WAY more pumped if the studio announces the film will be rated R! This new Terminator film follows the continuation of T2, erasing the existence of T3 through T5. We’re off to a great start!

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