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Exclusive: T6 News, New T6 Products by Chronicle Collectibles and Endoskeleton Preorder!

During a Facebook Live chat today with Chronicle Collectibles’ own Paul Francis, the owner/creative director confirmed to TheArnoldFans that their company will most likely be the premiere company to produce high-end statue collectibles for Terminator 6 (which Paul calls "Terminator 3” considering the film follows T2). He also confirms there should be “quite a bit” of new T6 (T3) products by Chronicle Collectibles!

Like with Genisys, we’ll probably be the exclusive in our category and it looks like that’s still the case in this moment.” Paul tells me. "I would expect quite a bit. Yeah, because it’s the original cast and we really want to play heavy on that. There’s some cool weapons. There’s some cool Terminators. Let’s be patient on that but I promise you that your site with get some exclusives."

Considering Francis said they want to "play heavy" on the original cast, we think it’s a lock that we’re guaranteed some Linda Hamilton statues in addition to the new Arnold merchandise!

Paul, who has been to the studio of Skydance Productions, was also able to view many great characters, vehicles, props and the lead bad robot from the film months ago so that Chronicle Collectibles can begin preparations and sculpting on these products. Paul says that the Terminator Genisys endoskeleton (with modern chest design) will not be the endoskeletons in T6 and he suspects they could be a little different or revert back to the original designs.

"I think it takes place 20 years after Terminator 2 and there are no Terminator Genisys Endos,” says Francis. "I’m sure they probably still look like Endoskeletons. I know what the new Terminator looks like but as far as what Arnold looks like when he doesn’t have his skin on, I have no idea. I’m hoping he’s still a T2 Endo. That’s for you, Randy.”

Speaking of the cool Terminator Genisys endoskeleton, starting tomorrow you can preorder a full life-sized one for your own home!!

Chronicle Collectibles is proud to present the officially licensed life-size T-800 Endoskeleton V2 from Terminator Genisys. Produced in collaboration with Cinemaquette, this piece represents the most screen accurate representation ever available to collectors worldwide. Please note that Chronicle Collectibles are handling domestic (U.S.A.) orders only. International customers should order directly through Cinemaquette.

Limited to just 100 units worldwide, we will stop taking pre-orders on March 8th or when we reach 100 orders, whichever comes first.

This version of the infamous Endoskeleton represents an advancement and precision of design, presenting a sleeker, more agile and terrifying hunter. Utilizing both the original movie molds and the digital files used to create the film version, no detail was left out from this faithful recreation. Each piece is custom chrome plated and features piercing red LED eyes and a removable brain chip.

  • Approx. 78" tall, 30" wide, and 28" deep
  • Custom chrome plated
  • Removable USB brain chip
  • Light up LED eyes
  • Limited Edition Size of 100 units worldwide
  • Priced at $9999.99* (no-interest payment plan eligible)

    *$2000 Non-refundable Deposit Required
With each piece custom made by hand, this collectible will have a very limited production run. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of science fiction history!

Order HERE !!!

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