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Exclusive: Chef Rush's 24-inch Biceps Push Motivation, Not Pencils!

Chef Rush is a combat veteran who does 2,222 pushups daily to raise awareness for the average 22 veteran suicides daily here in the USA. 24-inch biceps pop out of his chef shirt so naturally Arnold Schwarzenegger took interest in a hero with amazing biceps and a heart of gold!  Chef Rush is also a celebrity chef, famous for his culinary services in the White House.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has said of Chef Andre Rush “Your service to our country and work on behalf of veterans inspires me.”

The two have since become good friends and he says he's been an Arnold fan since he could walk! Check out TheArnoldFans’ interview with Chef Rush to learn more about how he gives back to others and how he stays so pumped up!

TAF: Is this your first Arnold Sports Festival event?

CHEF: This actually is my first time! I am absolutely in love with it. This is my wildest dream.

TAF: What’s been your favorite parts of this event?

CHEF:  Well, I have done so many things, but I’m not gonna lie to you – it’s the kids. I’m part of After-School All-Stars, an organization that Arnold started a long time ago. Saw 200 kids last night, 600 the other day. So, kids are always gonna be first in my book! But of course, the athletes are incredible! I mean, the conditioning, the mindset to go through all this, and the people are just absolutely fantastic.

TAF: Why is Arnold such a fan of yours? Why did he reach out to you and why did you meet up?

CHEF: Well, I’m a fan of Arnold’s actually. I’ve been his fan since I could walk. I do 2,222 pushups per day for Veteran suicide awareness. I got 24-inch biceps and I bench 700 pounds. I’ve been working at the White House for the last four administrations. Everything I’m about is all about giving back, and that’s what Arnold is about. As Governor Schwarzenegger, he loves his people, he loves the fans, he loves everything they do. He is extremely personable. Of course, he was with the military and I’m with the military, as well.

TAF: Was Arnold an inspiration for your athletic background?

CHEF: He is THE inspiration. Not an inspiration, THE inspiration. My first book was the Arnold Encyclopedia, which I still have to this day. I’m from a small town in Mississippi, we didn’t have a lot of equipment or anything, but I could read, and that was the book that I read.

TAF: Is it all nice and worn out now, like a vintage book?

No! Actually, it’s not. I took good care of it. I babied that book.

TAF: Now, what’s your favorite Arnold movie and Arnold quote?

CHEF: "I’ll be back" and answer that.  You get it? That was a pun! *rimshot* My favorite quote, of course, would be “Dylan, you-" well, you know.

TAF: What is your favorite cheat meal and do you prepare it in kind of a healthy manner?

CHEF: If I was gonna have a favorite cheat meal, I would not prepare it in a healthy manner. That’s why it’s called a cheat meal! That’s why I do four chickens a day with 24 boiled eggs. I guess I cheat because I use whole four eggs and the rest are just whites. Then I may add some salt, so there you go.

TAF: What is your favorite part about being a chef in the White House?

CHEF: Actually, believe it or not, it’s incredible because in the military, I work for and I have served so many people. Dignitaries, presidents, kings, queens, but an opportunity to be in the White House and in the military gives me the ability to give on a wider scale. I feed the homeless a lot, I do that all the time. Who are my favorite people to feed? It’s the homeless because I feed them just as much and they’re just as important as the President of the United States, because you never know! But the White House itself is incredible. Each and every time I was ever there, and when I go there, is like the very first time.  

TAF: Is there anything that you would like to promote that is going on or coming up for you?

CHEF: I have a book that is coming out, of course. I got a couple of TV shows. But the thing I would like to promote is mental health! Giving back, supporting each other, do some pushups – maybe 2,222. But honestly, no, I just want everybody to come together, enjoy themselves, and have a good time.

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