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Exclusive Interview with Terminator’s Gabriel Luna!

TheArnoldFans caught up with Gabriel Luna at the Arnold Sports Festival this month and this T6 star was gracious enough to stop for a quick interview.  The actor, who is best known for his recent work on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will have a lead role in the new Terminator film. Reports says Luna will play a new T-800 model Terminator and who knows, perhaps he will be squaring off in a big fight against Arnold in this November 1st release.

Luna divulges how Arnold Schwarzenegger has inspired him in life, and in the gym. He also talks about his favorite Arnold films and his favorite cheat meal to eat when he's not laser-focused on keeping in shape!

TAF: What was it like working in Budapest with Arnold on Terminator: Dark Fate?

LUNA: I spent a lot of time thinking about the day he (Arnold) would arrive. Especially during my training, because God forbid he show up and I’m just a shrimp. You know, he’d be like “whose this guy?” But no, when he arrive, he just - it took up the production a whole notch.  We trained a bunch together and he was encouraging. More so encouraging with advice. He was giving me all the room to do my thing. He was the wind in my sails, pushing me forward. We just got close from all the time spent in the gym. I tell you – it’s left a very strong, lasting imprint on me for fitness, working out for the rest of my life, having that experience.

TAF: That’s gotta be awesome! Do you know when we get a trailer any time soon?

LUNA: I believe we can look forward to something soon. I don’t know exactly but it feels like it’s about that time. Very soon.

TAF: What is your favorite Arnold movie?

LUNA: Oh wow. My brother and I used to have a copy of True Lies. That tape – we just watched it until it popped. I mean, I love Running Man, I loved all the Terminators, Twins, Kindergarten Cop. Mostly the comedies, you know? It was just so amazing, in the 1980s, when he went into that comedy realm, Like Twins with Danny Devito, you realize there really isn’t anything he can’t do with the discipline he has. Mostly the comedies, but I love Predator and all that stuff. It’s fantastic.

TAF: We’re at a fitness show, so we have to ask – what is your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza! There is a white pie at Joes in Hollywood (6504 Hollywood Blvd). It’s fantastic. It’s all garlic and cheese. It’s just really, really good.

After our chat with Luna, TheArnoldFans spoke to Chelsie Arnold, who does Marketing for Joe's Pizza, and she said Gabriel is due for a free pizza for the shoutout, so you're welcome dude!

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