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Exclusive Interview with Danny Cooksey (Tim) of Terminator 2!

I know everyone is super excited for the new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer to drop so we can see what the NEW Terminator film looks like but while you’re all pacing around waiting, let’s revisit Terminator 2 with an exclusive interview I just did with Danny Cooksey, John Connor’s best friend, Tim. Danny shares with TheArnoldFans what it was like to be on the set, his outfit, our 1990s mullets, coming back to the next Terminator film and more!

TheArnoldFans: What was your fondest memories of being on the set of T2?
Danny Cooksey: "There are so many. It was such a big production; It was awesome. I actually lived in the area where it was filmed. So, about a week or so before I started, I was driving to school and my normal route was totally blocked with all sorts of production trucks and what-not. Knowing what they were, I grumbled to myself about what damn production was causing me to be late, and reroute etc. Then I got the call and realized that the damn production was T2. I could have walked to the location. It was the intersection that they like slingshot the semi into the wall. I was on set for that huge stunt. very very cool. It was awesome!"

TAF: If I remember correctly, I think James Cameron once said he thought your character “Tim” was killed by the T-1000 as he pushed you aside. Do you feel Tim died or was simple shoved? I always thought you were just pushed aside so since Terminator 6 follows T2, do you think Tim could still be alive? 
Danny Cooksey:  "C'mon now, Terminator or no Terminator, You can't kill a power mullet that easy. Tim is alive, homeless and crazy - living somewhere on the sunset strip."

TAF:  What shirt was you character wearing? Was it LA GUNS? And what type of music did you grow up with and what do you listen to these days?
Danny Cooksey: "It was an LA Guns shirt. I actually wore one very similar in a taped audition. 'Screwed, Blewed and Tattooed' I believe it said on the back? I grew up on country music but I listen to everything. At the moment I really like the americana movement going on. There are some amazing artists right now."

TAF: Did you ever get to meet Arnold on the set of Terminator 2 or at anytime afterwards (like the T2 premiere)? If so, what was that interaction like?
Danny Cooksey: "Very briefly on set outside of the make-up truck. He was very very nice."
TAF: I’m a redhead myself and I too had a ginger mullet back in the '90s. You were not alone!  While the film still holds up as timeless, your character’s outfit and hairstyle looks dated now. Do you remember if you thought your outfit and mullet was cool at that time or did you not like the fashion they gave you?
Danny Cooksey:  Honestly, I had been doing this for so long. I don't think I gave it a second thought. Plus, I doubt the hair was too much different then how it was when I walked in off the street. It was based on my own, Soooo....ha ha."

TAF: By any chance might you have any Terminator 2 behind-the-scenes images you could possibly share with our audience?
Danny Cooksey: "Sadly I don't have a single thing. This was pre smart phones." 
TAF: You do a lot of voice work for animated series and films these days. What animated projects or films are you working on now?
Danny Cooksey:  "I have a few things that are hopefully in the process of being picked up or sold. Nothing that is steady or airing at the moment. I have been teaching acting and V.O. classes, so that keeps me busy, a musical project, and Life."
TAF: Do you have any upcoming fan meet-and-greet experiences? Like signings at comic cons?
Danny Cooksey: "I will be in Texas in early August at a convention. I would like to do more of them; they are a lot of fun. I have one of those cameo profiles too. I get some interesting interactions on there."

TAF: What are your top 3 Arnold movies?
Danny Cooksey: I’m a full-on 80's kid so Running man, Twins and Conan/Total Recall are a toss up for third.
TAF:  If you were to play Tim again in T7 (If Terminator: Dark Fate does very well), how would you like to be dressed? 
Danny Cooksey:  "Holy smokes, how can you top that get up? Dressed the SAME!"


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