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"Terminator: Dark Fate" Poster and Teaser Trailer is Up!

I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that the "Terminator: Dark Fate” trailer is now online as you’ve probably watched it already countless times (like we have). Dark Fate, the direct sequel to T2, is generating a lot of positive buzz as it has many good things going for it including the return of Linda Hamilton, James Cameron (producer), Tim Miller (Deadpool director), Arnold Schwarzenegger, composer Junkie XL, (Mad Max: Fury Road) and a lot of early rave reviews based on two clips shown at Cinema Con in Las Vegas! Now we just need the studio to announce that R rating for the ultimate celebration amongst Terminator and Arnold fans!

Have a look at the first official teaser poster for Dark Fate! Shortly after the poster was released online, TheArnoldFans noticed that Sarah Connor is returning from the same mountain range that she drove off into from the first Terminator film. In T1 she was scared. Look at her now! Linda is BACK! There's always a couple different posters released before a new Terminator film and here's the first one! This is a cool teaser poster but i'm sure the second official poster won't be missing Schwarzenegger! We're also looking forward to the individual cast posters.


Finally, in addition to watching the fantastic teaser trailer, let’s study some of these cool screenshots! Have a closer look below and let us know which scenes were your favorites on the comment section below. On November 1st, Arnold’s Terminator is back!

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