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Cameron & Arnold Want R Rated Terminator! Plus Trailer Remix!

After the new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer debuted last week, fans everywhere started reacting to it. There's a lot to speculate about, due to the fact that the trailer thankfully didn't reveal too much about the plot of the movie, but gave us a good taste of the abilities of Gabriel Luna's bad Terminator, the bad-ass return of Sarah Connor, and the new heroes. And of course, that one (maybe two?) sweet shot of Arnold.

Arnold himself tweeted out the trailer, saying "We're back. Here's your Terminator: Dark Fate trailer." Then he posted it on Reddit and generously answered fans' questions for a good while. One of the questoins was from our own Gillinator, who was curious (as many fans are) about the rating. Here's the exchange:

Gillinator: Trailer looks fantastic!! So we all want to know-- will this be R-rated like the first two Terminators? If they haven't decided yet, can you advocate for them not to wimp out about it because the studio wants PG-13?

GovSchwarzenegger: I am right there with you. It hasn’t been to the rating board yet but know that I’m on your side.

Almost at exactly the same time, we also discovered a new James Cameron interview, and while talking T:DF, he went even farther, explicitly saying that it will be rated R

Cameron: ...she's there when they pop through time and she just blows their shit away. It's gonna be an R-rated film so I can swear.

This is very good news for fans who don't want watered-down violence and language in the new movie. With Arnold and Cameron both on board for the R rating, and Tim Miller who made the hard R "Deadpool," things are looking good.

Ever since the trailer debut, fans have been doing their own edits and remixes of the trailer, because while the trailer was good, some wondered what effect a different choice of music would have. Well, TheArnoldFans' Staff edited their own version, and we think it's pretty bad-ass! Take a look right now and share it around!

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