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My Unbelievably True Total Recall Review!

On October 1, fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger got something they've waited decades for: a tell-all memoir. Having finished the book rather quickly, I wanted to give potential readers my take on this extraordinary autobiography. Additionally, we at TheArnoldFans want to encourage everyone who reads this memoir to head over to and show some love for Arnold by writing their own reviews.

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Arnold Launches the Schwarzenegger Institute at USC!

Just when we thought Arnold had run the gambit on things to achieve in his lifetime, he continued his shock and awe campaign last month with the announcement of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy. Serving primarily as a political think tank, the Schwarzenegger Institute hopes to blend the creativity and originality of Hollywood with the politics and bureaucracy of Washington.

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Arnold's Voice Twin Does Yackety Yack with TAFs!

By now you're probably all familiar with the contest to win an opportunity for The Austrian Oak himself to leave a personal phone message for YOU! Well, odds of winning will be great but you should certainly try! However, when the contest is all over and if you find yourself in a funk that you did not win, we have the perfect solution! Arnold fan Joe Gaudet is your PLAN B to get a pumped-up phone recording!

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