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Arnold Reveals "Total Recall" Back Cover Through Tweets!

If you noticed an extra high volume of tweets with #totalrecallbook tags, oh say 130,000 of them, it was because Arnold was slowly revealing the back cover of his autobiography on, and every tweet containing that hashtag would help reveal more of the image. Very nice social marketing move! It took about 24 hours to reveal the whole thing, but most fans knew after just a couple that the image was the very recognizable poster shot of Arnold from The Terminator!

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Expendables 2 Review Roundup!

As we go into the second U.S. weekend of release for Expendables 2, we thought we'd share some of our thoughts on the movie. Since it's not an Arnold starring movie, we won't do a full review, but here is a taste of our reactions (we tried to keep it spoiler free):

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Party Hard on September 22nd: "Arnold's Army" Press Release!

At long last, the press release for the eagerly anticipated 2012 Schwarzenegger book release is here! No, we’re not talking about The Oak’s Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story; we’re talking about the second-greatest Schwarzenegger book . . .

Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising!

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The Last Stand Trailer Hits Hard!!

Arnold teased on his Twitter this afternoon: "WARNING. In 15 minutes, you will see some serious action. Make sure you're sitting down." Then sure enough, 15 minutes later, we were treated to the first trailer for The Last Stand! All we can say is YES, YES, YES!!! As kick-ass as Expendables 2 should be this weekend, The Last Stand looks to deliver what we've been waiting so long for- Arnold front and center, doing crazy stunts, shooting big guns, and delivering dead-pan one-liners as only he can. There is no doubt this is ARNOLD's movie and he will deliver the goods. You had us at a gatling gun Maxim Machine Gun on a bus. We'll discuss it more after we watch it hundreds of times, but for now, as Arnold commanded us: watch it NOW on iTunes!

Also, shortly after the trailer, Arnold tweeted about an impromptu contest to thank his fans for following him on Twitter and his new site. Just send an e-mail with your name to:, and on Monday, Arnold will select one person at random to do a personalized voicemail message for! How cool is that? He's also taking suggestions on which of his famous lines he should use in the message- tweet @schwarzenegger to give your favorites!


New Images from The Tomb!

With 3 films in stages of production, there's always something new coming in one or more of them! Today, we saw the first official studio-released photo, plus 2 more behind the scenes photos! Enjoy!


Expendables 2 Premieres Begin, and Arnold Bikes Europe!

Excitement is in the air! There's less than a week until The Expendables 2 opens in U.S. theaters, and the ass-kicking action icons' tour of premieres has begun! On Thursday, the European premiere happened in Paris. Arnold tweeted this Instagram photo of his POV of the action with his costars and the fans.

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Arnold's New Catchphrase in "The Last Stand"!

Here's a quickie tidbit of Last Stand news: according to The Sun, the producers of The Last Stand have revealed one of Arnold's new "catch phrases" in the movie, that they hope will catch on like the best ones from his other movies. The phrase? "I feel old." They are not ignoring the fact that Arnold has aged, in fact, they are playing it up as part of his character. Arnold told USA Today the sheriff "hasn't had to flex his muscles in a while, so when the gangsters come to town, it's a big test.... I guess I could have started slow and eased into it," Schwarzenegger adds. "But it felt amazing to be back jumping off buildings, seeing huge explosions, getting in car chases and throwing punches."

What do the fans think of the new Arnold line? Leave a comment below, and don't forget about our Forums!


Expendables 2 Updates: Last Supper, Tortoises & More! 

Lionsgate confirms this new Expendables 2 "Last Supper" poster is official while others speculated the ballsy poster was fan-made. Currently these have not made it to print and are online banners only but this may change. We'll let you know if any posters showing this image become available or show up in theaters. Can you believe we have less than two weeks to go until the release of "The Expendables 2"?!

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Arnold's Youth is the Focus for "30 Shorts" Doc + The Tomb News! 

ESPN Films has just made a deal to produce a documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger's youth and mandatory military service when he served in the Austrian Army. The Schwarzenegger film also looks at the time when became immersed in bodybuilding. He faced early resistance to his pursuit, but said the lesson served him well on his path to success in film and politics.

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Arnold on Cover of Men's Fitness Sporting His Beard

Go grab a copy of Men's Fitness magazine, as it has Arnold on the cover! Thanks to Derek for the heads up!