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Will the Real Comic Con Exclusive Poster, Please "Stand" Up?!

Get ya ass to New York this weekend Arnold fans because there's a new sheriff poster in town! Not only will this extremely badass "The Last Stand" Schwarzenegger poster be available at the Lionsgate booth during the New York Comic Con (October 11-14th), but fans can also see and meet many of The Oaks's co-stars including Bill Paxton, Vanessa Williams, Michael Rooker, Lou Ferrigno, and many more celebrities from Arnold's universe.

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Arnold Book Tour in Full Pump!

This week has been a whirlwind book tour for Arnold, as he went from New York to DC to Columbus to Toronto, and fans have been flocking to his book signings! That includes us, of course, as Brandon Krum caught him in New York, The Gillinator said hi in DC, and Corey, the Gillinator's brother, saw Arnold in Columbus! We'll be back with full reports and pictures shortly. In the meantime, if you're near L.A. or Huntington Beach, CA, you can still catch Arnold on Friday or Saturday- check the schedule on and send us your pics or stories of meeting the Oak in person! All reports say he is being very gracious, signing, shaking hands, and taking time with all the fans he can.

Arnold has been hitting the talk show and news circuit as well with some great interviews. Here's a list of the major ones you can watch online:

ESPN 30 for 30: Arnold's Blueprint

60 Minutes (starting around 18 minutes)

Good Morning America

The Daily Show

Washington Post Live

It's apparent from the interviews that very little is off limits-- Arnold talks about his life as he details it in the book, both his amazing achievements and regretful mistakes. This is probably the most personal we've seen Arnold get in interviews, just talking about what makes hiim the knd of man he is. Then John Stewart is always good at bringing levity to serious matters, saying how Arnold should just come back from the future to fix things and being creeped out by Arnold's skull ring!


Expendables Stunt Show and Plea for John Woo for EX3!

It's time to catch up on Expendables news! The latest box office numbers put Domestic at $83,501,148 and foreign at $201,500,00 for a whopping worldwide total of $285,001,148! With an estimated budget of $100 million, it nearly tripled that, and in Hollywood, that means prepare for more. The great Sly and Arnold fan ABKing has written a compelling argument for who should direct Expendables 3, so take it away, AB!

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Total Recall Book & Arnold's Military Look for New Film!

It was a little over a year ago, on September 22nd, 2011, when Arnold made the announcement giving us the official title of his memoirs: Total Recall: My Unbelievable Tue Life Story. After the very long wait, the time has come at last for Schwarzenegger fans to rejoice! In just a couple more days, the books will start to arrive on our doorsteps or be on all bookshelves on October 1st. Arnold already has several dates confirmed for his book signing tour and and he's gearing up for a few live promotional TV appearance including Monday's Good Morning America.

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60 Minutes Interview & Mega Arnold Movie News!

Arnold punched us all in the face today with a blissful blow of movie news and the impact feels oh so good! On Monday, September 24th, we thought we were lucky enough to be treated to the streaming Arnold speech from the Schwarzenegger Institute but the news just kept coming and coming throughout the day. Next we heard Arnold would be on "Good Morning America" in NY on Monday morning, October 1st. Shortly after we read he’d be on "60 Minutes" on Sunday the 29th! Watch the trailer for the "60 Minutes" Schwarzenegger special HERE!

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Expendables 2 and Other Arnold Movie Props at Planet Hollywood!

When Schwarzenegger left Planet Hollywood behind long ago, many of his film props once located at the restaurants would be sold at auction or they'd head back to Arnold's personal warehouse. There were once nearly 100 Planet Hollywood restaurants worldwide, but now, there are roughly ten that remain and only 3 or 4 in the United States. Out of all of these locations, the best one to visit and still see many Arnold props is Planet Hollywood, Orlando!

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"Arnold's Army" Updates & "Total Recall" Book Trailer!

There are some happy, pumped-up book readers these days! The fans will be two-fisting two of the decade's most anticipated books: Arnold's Total Recall, released on October 1st, and Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising, released on September 22 (or now for TAFs readers). Arnold now has book signings in Los Angeles and in Ohio with more locations to come. Randy Jennings will also be signing Arnold's Army at a book release party soon so stay tuned to for more info.

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The Tomb Release Date, Last Stand is Online & More! 

We've been busy preparing for Randy's book release, so let's catch up on the latest Arnold news to keep you pumped! First we'll tell you that The Last Stand is now self-aware with their official website! Click HERE to keep an eye on it! In other Arnold movie news, Lionsgate has set a September 27, 2013 wide release date for Summit’s The Tomb, the action thriller that stars Arnold and Sly!

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The 2nd Greatest Arnold Book Of All Time is... AVAILABLE NOW! 

Many of you may have already marked your calendars for the two fantastic book releases: Schwarzenegger's Total Recall autobiography, on sale October 1st, and September's Arnold's Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising (the second most anticipated book of the decade)! Although Arnold's Army retains its original September 22nd worldwide release date, only the biggest, best and ballsiest Arnold followers from this site are given special access to purchase the book NOW!!!

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"Let's Party" Because Dutch is BACK at Sideshow!

Goooooo, get to da Sideshow website!! The all new premium format Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer statue from Predator will be shipping NEXT WEEK from the warehouse and now you have a second and final chance to own him!

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