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Arnold Wins! See His Acceptance Speech Video!

Schwarzenegger was honored with the award during San Diego Comic-Con 2012, where he was promoting The Expendables 2. Schwarzenegger’s longtime friend and cast mate Sylvester Stallone, took home IGN’s Action Hero Hall of Fame Award in 2010 as its inaugural inductee.

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TAFs Premieres "Arnold Rocks" with New Predator Trailer!

Our staff just got ballsier with the new addition of our long-time friend turned team-mate, Charlie Oxley! TheArnoldFans will be giving you all new rock videos every two to three weeks which will capture the glory of our hero, promote his films or make us take action. For our first video, with the pumped-up tunes of Electric Six, we are invited to bang our heads while asking FOX to listen to our demands. Today's mission: to get FOX to bring back The Predator in theaters for at least one epic night. Watch the video and you'll know what to do. Come on, do it! Do it now!

Charlie: Thank you so much for taking me on at - I've been coming to the site for almost 15 years now(!?) and have always loved talking with other fans about Arnold. There was a tough time for Arnold fans whilst he was governating but now he is BACK and I get to contribute to the greatest fan site on the net! I love it!

I'm getting ready for Arnold's triumphant return to the big screen by doing The EX2 movie Challenge; What you've gotta do is watch an action flick from each of the action icons in the film. I started with the Chuck Norris flick 'The Delta Force' last night and I'm gonna work my way through all the icons by the time August 17th comes around and I wanna know - Who is with me?! Join me at the Facebook page and post your video reviews on YouTube. Arnold and the icons of 80's action are coming BACK! Let's make it BIG!


All New Launches!

It's been dormant a long time, but it appears TheArnoldFans now has real "competition" in the world of Arnold websites again! has relaunched with an all new look and cool features to keep us abreast of Arnold's projects, and for Arnold to communicate directly with his fans! We've been given a sneak peek, so here's what you can expect!

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A New Superhero is Born: The Governator!

We knew there was going to be a big announcement from Arnold around April 4, but it looks like Christmas came a little early, as Entertainment Weekly just broke the details about Arnold's "Comic Book" project that he first revealed to TAFs at the Classic. In typical Arnold fashion, it's something that nobody was guessing, but better than we hoped for!

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