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"Governator" Exclusive: TAFs Interviews Andy Heyward!

Andy Heyward, a co-founder and CEO of A2Entertainment, gave TheArnoldFans a lengthly exclusive interview today about their upcoming animated series The Governator!  A2 will produce the TV series and 3-D movie and manage the global licensing, merchandising, and distribution. Read on about the latest news including the fantastic news that "The Governator" WILL officially be in theaters for a 3D animated motion picture! It was earlier reported in Entertainment Weekly that a 3D movie would be made if the series was a success when released in late 2012. However, we have now uncovered that the 3D animated film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger has been officially greenlit and is moving forward NOW! Also, according to Andy, Stallone and other friends of Schwarzenegger will also have cameos in the pumped-up cartoon. 

In Cannes, The Austrian Oak himself had some nice things to say about the man who made this project all happen.

"Andy is the genius and expert in these particular animated shows so we of course talked to him and then he talked to Stan Lee and brought us all together... and then the Archie Comic books. Everyone came together and like Andy said, it was like an explosion because everyone felt like there was something very interesting there."

TAFs: Andy, how on earth did you do such a good job of keeping this project hidden from the world for so long?

Andy Heyward: Well, we just really worked it to keep it to a small number of people in-house and most that were all a part of this. You haven't seen anything yet. We have some awesome talent associated with this project. Obviously Arnold and Stan Lee speak for themselves but we're going to announce tomorrow (Wednesday the 13th) the foremost writer in animation who's going to be the head-writer on the series. Everyone will know who he is once we announce it.

*** UPDATE! The writer has been announced, and it is Steven Banks, former head-writer for "SpongeBob Squarepants"! Read the Variety article HERE.***

TheArnoldFans: How many episodes are locked in for Season 1? Arnold said "52 segments a year." Will the fans really be treated to 52 cartoon episodes a year?

Andy Heyward: Yes, there will be 52 half-hour episodes and we're doing a 3D animated movie as well.

TheArnoldFans: Is that guaranteed because I though the 3D CGI film was only going to occur based on the success of the cartoon? This is happening for sure?

Andy Heyward: Yep, we've already had distributors who have come to us who want to do it, absolutely.

TAFs: That is awesome! if it was up to you, do you have a particular style of art in mind? Something like the style of the Clone Wars 3D or like the style of Pixar's The Incredibles?

Andy Heyward: We're working with a director right now and trying to precise that. I don't want to say it's more like this or that but it will be in CGI as opposed to 2D cell animation. It will have its own look. We're working with a director who we're in the process of nailing it down and that will be announced soon as well.

TAFs: Will the first episode be a normal half hour or will the debut show be one hour?

Andy Heyward: It might be a two-parter. There's a lot of backstory in the origins and discuss how it all got there.

TAFs: How many episodes are complete so far?

Andy Heyward: None. We haven't written any of the episodes yet. They're all in progress right now. The only dialogue he recorded was for that promo trailer.

***So it turns out the trailer footage was for marketing only and may not even be used in the actual series.***

TAFs: When will Arnold come in to record his lines?

Andy Heyward: I would say no later than June. Probably next month but no later than June.

TAFs: Is there already a theme song?  Is it all-instrumental or does it have lyrics

Andy Heyward: No. I mean literally we JUST announced the show. We're signing up broadcasters around the world and we'll come out with a statement for our worldwide lineup in the next couple of weeks and then afterwards we'll do a US broadcast lineup and then we'll talk about our key licensees in the various categories whether it's video games, toys, apparel, music or publishing. You know, we're doing something with Archie Comics, with Stan Lee Comics.. and they're our partners.

TAFs: Roughly how many of Arnold's co-stars and friends have committed to a special guest starring role? I imagine you'll be sending out a lot of invitations to Arnold's co-stars.

Andy Heyward: Amidst the casting, we'll have some celebrity casting and all that stuff. I mean we'll certainly have Stallone and other people like this for cameo guests.

TAFs: Is Arnold also a producer on the series?

Andy Heyward: Arnold is a producer... and he's a partner more importantly.

Click HERE to watch once more the ultra-fun three minute Governor trailer!

“This is a monumental day for A2, and we are thrilled to share the development of this dynamic new property with the world,” said A2Entertainment co-founders and CEOs, Andy and Amy Heyward. “To have the opportunity to collaborate with the creative forces of Stan and Arnold is extraordinary. Arnold has had a career filled with remarkable achievements and we are proud to be part of his return to entertainment with a property that reflects his extraordinary life story and captures his humor and adventurous spirit.”

Click HERE to watch a new video of Arnold talking about this new animated project for all ages!

Keep an eye on and for your up-to-the-minute updates on big Governator news. Are we doing a good job? If so, LIKE US onFacebook now and "Pump it Up!"

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