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The Fans Give Us Their Stories & Pics of Arnold's Book Tour!

The world's greatest action hero is now filming his next movie so unless Arnold has any more surprise book signing dates, it appears his promotional tour for Total Recall may be over. Fans from many regions of the globe got to meet their idol at one of his many tour locations: some of them were announced at his website and others announced as last-minute surprises on his Twitter page. You've heard a few stories from TAFs staff greeting our hero while getting our books signed but NOW let's hear from the FANS!

Matt Crew writes: Ok guys so here it goes, I went to the Indigo Chapters right after my basketball game and got there around 9pm. By midnight there were close to fifty of us, all camping in sleeping bags or makeshift Goodlife gym bag pillows =P. By around 6 or 7am it was crazy outside with people lining up around the corner! By 8am people were already getting turned away as there were only 225 bracelets being given out. The Indigo staff were all very nice and we were supplied with an ample amount of doughnuts compliments of Mr. Schwarzenegger (Classy move). As tired as he seemed from the touring and travelling, it was nice to see that he was always smiling, took the time to greet every individual fan when they approached him for their autograph(s), made some small talk and even shook their hands. These small gestures go a long way with people that may only get to meet him once in their lifetime it just goes to show much he appreciates and genuinely cares about his fans! When my turn came up I asked him if I could get a predator handshake and to my surprise he agreed! At first he extended his hand out like a normal one but then realized what I was referring to and quickly switched up the grip! He had that look on his face like "Matt! You sunuvva bitch!" What a most excellent day, couldn't have turned out any better!

Arnold fan Kristy writes: I waited in line since 1am to meet my idol. It was worth every second. I even got to shake his hand!

Brandon Marrufo ‏tweets:
@TheArnoldFans got the chance to shake his hand multiple times and got a awesome pic he pointed at me and smiled.

Eric Regimbald writes: It has been a lifelong dream to meet Arnold ever since I saw him in the movies, which were introduced to me from my older brothers. It didn’t take long before I started my VHS collection with strictly Arnold movies, then My Arnold Shrine on my wall plus terminator action figures and collectibles. This was all evidence that I was a fan as a kid. As I got older, Arnold always stuck with me. With my continued aspirations to be an actor, he inspired me in his climb to the top of every chosen field and his endurance and hunger for life. Arnold is and always has been larger than life, so for me it seemed like a pipe dream to meet the guy. With an incredible body, grandeur persona and more charisma than you could shake a stick at, you’d almost think he was a real life comic book Hero. Last Action Hero --there’s a movie that not many are fond of, however, (I’m sure I’m not the only one) that movie validated my fantasy; “I wish I could be like that kid and hang with Arnold!” But it’s a movie so I’ll just keep dreaming…

So, imagine my surprise:
Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Toronto for a book signing at Indigo! Impossible. Can’t be, no way. Unbelievable! Well it’s true. So the morning of, I get up at 4:30am to be there. I’m on my bike by 5:15am, rushing to get to the line for a wrist band. Bear in mind: Arnold is not arriving ‘til 12:00pm. I’m biking so fast thinking “I’m too late” the line will all ready be full because he’s only signing the first 250 people’s books. Rest assured, I get there in time to be the 55th person.


All morning we waited; it was great to chat with fellow Arnold fans about their favorite movies and quotes and what not. We finally get in to buy the book, get the wrist band and get back in line. The Anticipation is crazy. There’s still 3 hours to go and I’m shaking like a leaf on tree. My friends enjoy my eagerness; it helps pass their time. As we’re waiting, we’re checking out twitter, and Arnold says that hot cocoa and donuts are on the way. Sure enough they’re they are, “Thanks Arnold.” Media comes up to me because they can’t help but notice the shirt I’m wearing it reads: Arnold is Numero Uno with a great picture from Predator and bearing Schwarzenegger’s name on the back; I made it the night before. I happily accepted the interview. Now we’re rolling into Indigo by the numbers. We get a decent spot right by the staircase, the very staircase that is rumored to be Schwarzenegger’s entrance. 12: 05pm hits and they say the big man is on his way. Sure enough, I look up at those stairs and there he is: Behold the King! He makes his way to the stage, has some kind words to say about Canada, and gets the party started! The line moves pretty briskly. We get into the velvet ropes and are really close to the man, the myth, the legend! My heart is pumping like Arnold’s right bicep is pumping iron. There is one more person to go, so I pass my camera to my friend. I have so many things to say and at same time have no idea what I’m going to say. The lady takes my book and she says: “alright, Arnold now has your book you can go ahead.” I take a deep breath step up to the table look at Arnold and say: “Mr. Schwarzenegger…” He takes one look at me then at my shirt and smiles and says “Nice shirt. You look great in it.” Fantastic! Just to hear him speak in person is mind-blowing! I tell him what an inspiration he has been to me and that he is my real life Hero. I thanked him for giving back to the fans, shook his hand, and was off. As I walked away I heard him say “Thank you.” I have repeated those words back to myself in his signature voice. I can’t even describe how truly I felt ‘in the moment’. It must have been only 30 seconds or so but it changed my life. Meeting him was like a comic book character walking off the page. If I can meet my all time Hero who inspires me to do what I do, it reminds me that anything is possible. The media and many passersby were surprised at how large the line-up was for Arnold. What they don’t understand is, he’s not just some actor who is past his prime, or a former politician done with his term; Arnold is a legend in his own right who continues to challenge himself with writing a memoir, and hopefully taking on new roles to reinvent himself. With Action movies heading in the direction they’re in with CGI, special effects and super heroes, you’ll be hard pressed to find a true Action Hero like those of yesterday, Arnold is one of the last of his kind, he is The Last Action Hero.

Raffi writes: I work a ton. I bust my ass. I had to tell my workplace that I had a very important appointment that would make me miss the morning at work. Arnold was coming to Toronto! Considering I have a framed photo of Arnold on my desk, the importance of this event was understood. 4 others were going to come with me. All of them bailed. One backed out at 6:30am, while I was on my way into the city for this great event. I was determined. Nothing could stop me. Like a Terminator. I arrived at 7am for a 12pm signing. The line was already full of powerful ballsy heroes. Nobody knows a hero like The Arnold Fans. Hours later, my turn arrived. No posed photos allowed, so I had previously arranged with another chap in the lineup to get candid photos of each other and exchange via email. I had a short but effective conversation with Arnold.

"Arnold, it's a pleasure to meet you"

"Thank you."

"Thank you for the many years of positive influence in my life"

"Thank you."

"Your speech at Cal State inspired me to go back to school."

"Thank you."

"Can we do the predator handshake?"

This attached picture is the result. Since then, I have had friends and family contacting me to congratulate me on this great moment. They're all very happy for me, knowing what a great moment this was. He's not just a hero. He's a childhood idol, pre-teen idol, teen-idol, young adult idol and a present day adulthood idol. His different eras have carried through the different phases in the lives of his fans. Best of all, he is a living legend. The original God damn ballsy stud. Keep pumping. Stay hungry.

 Tyler Maples writes: I live in Burbank, so I first went to Arnold's book signing at the Grove. I arrived at the Grove at 7am and did receive one of the 120 wristbands that were given out. I tried to win the twitter contest there, but the flyer we were given with the wristband said the book signing would begin at 6pm and Arnold's website said 6:30pm. Not knowing which time Arnold would go by for the twitter contest I went by the time from the Grove flyer, and sent the tweets at 5:30pm. Arnold ended up going with the time on his website. I work on the weekends, but since Arnold is my favorite actor and Terminator 2 is my favorite movie (The Terminator being my 2nd favorite), I called my boss to see if I could come in late. I left at 6:30am and drove down to Huntington Beach to try again for my opportunity to meet Arnold. There were about 100 people in line when I arrived. I bought a Costco membership, my second book (giving it to my Dad for Christmas) and waited in anticipation. I watched the clock and began tweeting. I was so excited when Arnold tweeted that I won the contest. I went inside to wait for Arnold to arrive for the photo op! While I was waiting, I met Arnold's assistant Daniel and told him a little about the day before. It was such a great experience to meet Arnold. He was extremely nice to his fans. It was a day I will never forget. 


 Finally, Brian Clasen got to meet his hero and captured it all on video! If you do not watch this video, you're making a 'big mistake!"


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