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Say Hasta La Vista to 2012: Final News Tidbits!

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and you’re all recovering from a pumped night of eggnog drinks and Arnold-related presents. Send us your photos of you unwrapping your ballsy presents (a Turboman, the Total Recall book, Arnold’s Army, blu-rays, action figures or other). Check out some early photo submissions at the bottom of this page. 2013 is going to be a huge year for Schwarzenegger so let’s get you caught up on some of the last news of 2012. 

The Oak just picked up a heroic award for his advocacy work on climate change. Schwarzenegger received the award right before Christmas from U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New York for his work on the issue with his non-profit organization, R20: Regions of Climate Action. The United Nations Correspondents Association named Schwarzenegger their “global advocate of the year” for his work with the non-profit, which has collaborated with the U.N. on dozens of major climate change projects around the world.

Now our prize winners: Terry Mann is our winner of the Schwarzenegger-signed “Total Recall” book and Matt Cade and Jimmy Ingenluyff won “Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising” thanks to our partnered friends at There’s only 12 books left to order so if you want one, act fast and buy the second greatest Arnold book of the year HERE!

Finally, here’s some convention news! If you’re an Arnold fan living in the Los Angeles area, you should certainly make it out to The Hollywood Show at the LAX Westin in January 12th and 13th. Here you can meet the following co-stars for autographs:

Robert Conrad (Jingle All the Way)
Lycia Naff (3 breasted hooker of Total Recall)
Ed O'Ross (Lead villain of Red Heat)
Robert Davi (Raw Deal)
Sandahl Bergman (Conan and Red Sonja)


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