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Arnold to Do Martial Arts & Weapons Training While Blindfolded! 

Last night, was invited onto the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of The Expendables 2 at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. Here, we spoke with most of the heroic cast and crew from this sure-fire blockbuster hit to be released tomorrow, August 17th! We have so many exclusive interviews that it will take us until the end of days to report them all but let’s start you off with the exclusive comment we got from the international stud himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

We exchange a handshake and a hello before The Oak asks how I’m doing. Naturally things could not be any better than this. “Fantastic,” I reply followed up by my question.

TAFs: David Ayer, the director of your next film, BREACHER, said he’ll work you hard and will be putting you through severe police training. Are you ready? Is this going to be one of your most physically challenging roles to date?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "You know something, It’s great when the directors have such great enthusiasm and such great vision like David Ayer. I’m going through all the training: the weapons training, the LAPD training, the shooting, loading and reloading, changing magazines blindfolded."

Whoa, Arnold's getting into some serious SWAT drills if he's learning how to be so fast with his guns that he has to do them blindfolded! 

"And there’s martial arts training," Schwarzenegger continues telling me as if his daunting tactical exercises weren't difficult enough! "I look forward to always working on the movie rehearsals and working on the lines and the scenes and all that stuff that is necessary to do: If it’s the fighting skills, the weapons…I do it!"

Spoken like a true badass! Arnold also tells TAFs that wanted to make one thing clear with the directors: this Terminator has experience!
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Every time I do a movie, the directors have said the same thing. ‘With this one, you really have to work hard.’ ‘This time you have to be authentic.’ ‘This time, you’re going to have to do weapons training.’ As if I’ve never gone through weapons training before. I have done more weapons training than all the directors put together. I can garauntee you that.

Schwarzenegger starts to film Breacher in October of this year but his heroic training, hard exercising and ballsy martial arts practicing is underway! Breacher follows a DEA task force who carry out a heist of a drug cartel safe house only to be hunted by an assassin.  We've just begun our red carpet news coverage. We have some great exclusive stories and interviews on the rise so stick around!

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