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"Arnold's Army" Released Worldwide Today + Prizes & King Conan!

Let's Party! Today's the day of the official worldwide release date of "Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising"! Although we did tip off readers of this website of an exclusive early sale, NOW is the time when others will be rewarded to the exclusive news within the book! Earlier the book was only promoted as the ultimate book about the fan base behind our hero. What you may not have been aware of earlier, and we'll share the news now, is that Arnold’s Army also reveals glorious exclusive movie news (King Conan), fantastic cartoon news ("The Governator"), and many never-published interviews and exclusive comments with Arnold, his closest friends, family members, co-stars, stuntmen, bodyguards, neighbors and his directors like Milius, Butler and Verhoeven!

The focus of the book might be targeted towards the fans like YOU, but all of these Schwarzenegger co-stars and friends ARE his fans too and they were more than willing to also give the best stories for this publication.

A King Conan book tease!

Ten years ago helped to obtain over 14,000 signatures on our "King Conan: Crown of Iron" petition. In 2003 Arnold agreed to star in King Conan as his follow-up film to T3. We all know what happened next. Well, good news, it may be moving forward again. I've uncovered some very interesting news and comments regarding Arnold wanting back in. Not only did Jennings of TAFs speak with several of Arnold's closets friends regarding his very possible return, I also have some interesting comments from the Conan right holders at Paradox. Wait until you read these comments and interviews! Conan's Sandahl Bergman is on the book's cover with me.

Naturally, NOW is the perfect time for Arnold to reprise this role. At the end of the first two films, it shows him roughly at a 65-year-old, grey bearded and looking ballsy. Well, guess what, The Oak has matured!

Order the book now, Arnold fans! The 1st Edition printing with author autographs are nearly sold out but if you act fast, you'll secure a copy and be first in line to read all about the exclusive celebrity interviews and exciting movie and cartoon news.

Press Release and Ordering Information:

Barbarians, Commandos and Terminators to celebrate the release of "Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising!"

Unlike every other Arnold book, which focused on just the movie star or the politician, Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising, written by Randy Jennings, is about the ballsy fan base behind the man. Never before and never again will a Schwarzenegger book come along packed with as many big secret reveals, surprise testimonials, uncovered facts and loads of celebrity interviews and statements given by Arnold, his friends, family, neighbors, directors and co-stars.

Within 20 chapters of the 185-page book, you will not only celebrate some exclusive reveals of Schwarzenegger's future film projects, but we will explore the everyday lives of an Arnold fan. Explore our fascination and discuss our tattoos, workouts, collections, cigars and ways in which we celebrate our hero with our birthdays and holidays. Listen to the tales of the most inspired fans, recall stories about Schwarzenegger’s restaurants, examine the rise of his number-one fan site, visit the largest collection of Arnold merchandise in the world, determine who are the biggest fans, and discuss the many possible future goals that we may soon see Arnold achieve.

As the president of Arnold’s longest-running, biggest and best Arnold website in the world, Jennings has gotten to know some outstanding fans and celebrities, and this book will focus on our lifestyles, habits and hobbies that go into being such proud Schwarzenegger fans.

“I’ve read just about all of the previous Schwarzenegger publications, and it’s painfully obvious that most of them were not written by an Arnold fan nor do they truly understand our fascination, terminologies and lifestyles,” says Jennings. “You have to live and breathe Arnold to have any credibility to write what the fans want to read.”

Finding Arnold as a hero at the age of eleven and having his first encounter with the action star at age nineteen, Jennings has interacted with his Austrian mentor roughly 40 times on various functions including red carpet premieres, film sets, political rallies, Arnold Sports Festivals and restaurant run-ins.

Get ready to enlist, Arnold fans! "Arnold’s Army: A Schwarzenegger Uprising" will be released on September 22, 2012.

Book ordering info:

Now, in addition to the paperback, readers can also have the option of an ePub version or PDF of the book.

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